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There are 117 groups on Facebook dedicated to FarmVille, and another 106 groups dedicated to Farm Town. In these groups you can find groups of players that hate FarmVille, and a group of players that hate people who hate FarmVille (titled “Anti-FarmVille Groups Suck”). And of course there are groups dedicated to bashing both games and the people who play them.
As an objective player (I think) of both games, I am setting out to solve the age old question (tongue in cheek): Which is better? Farm Town or FarmVille*?
Land Expansions
When you reach Level 15 you can expand your farm using coins; at Level 25 you can expand to a 24 X 24 Farm. After that you can no longer expand, and there are no immediate plans to add more expansions.
Your level and number of neighbors dictate when you can expand, and expansions are few and far between. They also cost more. The 24 X 24 expansion is still locked for all players.
Farm Town
Decorations, Buildings, and Landscaping
There are a lot of options for decorating your farm. You can create 3-D effects and elevation by using the decorations available. Simply, there is a lot more than you do with your farm on Farm Town. However, will all of those options, it is easy to run out of land very quickly.
There are options for decorating your farm, but many of them are purchased with FarmVille Cash (purchased with your very real money). In addition, what you see is what you get. You can’t use your creativity to create illusions of elevation, lakes, pools, etc.
Farm Town
Harvesting, Plowing, & Seeding
You can hire other farmers to do your plowing and harvesting, thus saving a lot of time. Hiring others is also what makes the game very social and interactive.
However, when you hire someone to plow for you, you give them a portion of any experience points earned. On the positive side, when you hire someone to harvest for you, you get 25% more profit.
You can’t hire others to harvest, plow, or seed for you.
Farm Town
When you achieve trophies you don’t earn coin, experience points, or gifts.
When you earn a ribbon you get experience points, coins, and sometimes gifts.
You can’t harvest your animals for profit. Animals can be purchased with coin, or gifted.
You can harvest your animals for coin. Animals can be gifted, bought with coin, and 5 of the animals are only available for purchase with FarmVille Cash.
Movement of animals
Animals roam your farm freely, unless you freeze them.
Animals have a small range of motion, unless you set them to stay.
Farm Town
Trees are harvested for coin. There are 30 trees available. You can purchase 15 varieties using coin; the rest must be gifted to you by your neighbors.
Trees are harvested for coin. There are 19 trees available. 2 varieties must be purchased with FarmVille Cash, some must be gifted, and other purchased with coin.
Farm Town
Farm Town has 26 available seeds, but they are restricted for purchase per your level.
FarmVille has 43 seed varieties, but are also restricted for purchase per your level. One of the available seeds is only available through purchase with FarmVille Cash.
Social Interaction
There is a lot of social interaction with 4 different areas to meet and chat (Marketplace, Real Estate Office, and The Inn). You also interact with others when you hire them to farm for you, or you farm their lands. If a neighbor or buddy is on their farm, there is a green circle by their name, and you can pop over for a chat.
There are no common areas, or places to meet and chat with other players. Messages are exchanged by posting a sign at your neighbors’ farms.
Farm Town
Ease of earning experience points, coins, and leveling up
You can increase your coins and experience points by working for other farmers, so if you work hard, you can move up very quickly. You also earn coin by visiting your neighbors, and by watering their plants.
The lions-share of experience points and coin are earned by working on your own farm. You can earn a small amount of coin and experience points by helping your neighbors
Farm Town
Convenience Vehicles
You can purchase convenience vehicles for plowing, seeding, and harvesting. Fuel is gifted to you by neighbors.
You can purchase convenience vehicles for plowing, seeding, and harvesting. However, in order to get the fuel for those vehicles you have to buy FarmVille Cash. A small amount of fuel accumulates over time, but it doesn’t get you very far.
Farm Town
Number of items that are purchased with coins versus FarmCash or FarmVille cash.
The majority of the items are free. Some of the buildings and decorations do require FarmCash.
Many of the items premium (cooler) items must be purchased with FarmVille Cash.
Farm Town
Not Available
Many of the bugs that result in getting booted (and losing points and coins) have been resolved. There is a “save” option that helps prevent loss, even if you are booted. If you save your changes, you can leave your farm and not lose your work.
There are still quite a few glitches that will cause you to freeze, and as a result lose your work. There is no “save” option, so you can’t do anything else until your avatar catches up with the farming.
Farm Town
While Farm Town graphics are more customizable, they are frequently considered inferior to FarmVille.
Most players agree that FarmVille has better graphics.
My verdict: Farm Town is more user-friendly, challenging, and social. I enjoy visiting other farms to see the unique way other farmers have used the decorations and buildings available. It is also a lot of fun to meet and chat with other farmers from around the world. 
What is your opinion? Please vote under “Comments”, and I will publish the results.

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