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Farm Town is a real-time, interactive farming simulation on Facebook and MySpace. It was Developed by Slashkey and launched in February of 2009.  As of November 2009, Farm Town has reached over 18 million users. To play, users “farm” crops and trees for experience points and coins. In addition, players may purchase FarmCash for premium farm decorations.


Farm Town is very interactive, as players can chat live with other players. With players throughout the world, it is an excellent forum to meet people, chat about the game, and build a network of farmers. Coins and experience points are earned by working on other farms, so it is important to build up your buddy and neighbor lists. 
Farm Town is a beta version, and has had its share of problems. Users are often frustrated by connection and connectivity issues, glitches, and bugs.  However, savvy players quickly learned to use those glitches to their advantage to cheat the game (stack-plowing, sending multiple gifts to one person). Fortunately (or unfortunately) after several releases many of those problems have been resolved.  
Land expansion and levels are hot button issues on Farm Town. When farmers reach the final level, they can no longer level-up. Their coin amount is very high, but they can’t buy new things, because they are out of space on their farm. It is the equivalent of all dressed up and nowhere to go. In November Farm Town developers rolled out a new release and added levels, but did not offer land expansion. 
For a detailed description of how to play FarmTown visit:          
Basic overview of FarmTown currency:
  • Coins are the primary currency on Farm Town. You earn coin by harvesting your own crops and trees, harvesting for other farmers, visiting neighbor’s farms, and by selling items on your farm. Seeds are purchased with coins; as are trees, animals, decorations, vehicles, and buildings. You can also purchase more coins via credit card.
  • Experience points are how you keep score, and they are achieved the old fashioned way, by earning them. As you increase your experience points, you achieve new levels. As you achieve new levels, you unlock more (and cooler) items to purchase, and you have the opportunity to expand your farm. Experience points are earned by plowing your own land prior to planting, visiting your neighbor’s farms, expanding your farm, and buying plants, trees, animals, buildings, and decorations. You also earn experience points by plowing for other players.
  • FarmCash is purchased via credit card and is used to buy premium items.
Tips & Tricks
Won’t you be my neighbor? Neighbors are a key component in Farm Town. Neighbors send each other gifts such as: decorations, flowers, animals, and trees. The more neighbors you have, the more gifts you get. The more gifts you get, the more coin and experience points you earn. The more coin and experience points you earn, the more you can buy. And the cycle goes on…In addition; having a large network of neighbors increases your chances of getting hired to work on other farms.
In order to hire other players to plow your farm, you must have at least 10 neighbors. You can only add neighbors if they are your friend on Facebook or MySpace. In addition, if you don’t have enough neighbors you can’t access certain perks such as land expansions and the multi-plow tool. This is a rather controversial issue for both FarmVille and FarmTown, because if you don’t have enough real friends you may feel the need to add strangers on Facebook or MySpace to build your network. Slashkey recommends managing privacy concerns by utilizing the privacy settings on Facebook or MySpace, which dictate what information your friends can see. 
Duplicate yourself. Some of the more addicted Farm Town players have multiple farms. As a result, they can be their own neighbor. If you are your own neighbor, you can send yourself gifts, and you automatically increase your neighbor count. You can also hire yourself to work on your other farms, thus earning more experience points and coins. It is also cheaper, and a time-saver, to hire someone else to harvest and plow your crops. Important Note: You must have an associated Facebook or MySpace account for each farm that you create. Caution: I have heard rumors that if you are caught with more than one farm, both farms will be shut down. However, I have never talked to anyone that has had this actually happen.
If you plant them, they will die. In Farm Town, timing is everything. If you don’t harvest your crops in time, they will wither (die) and you lose your profit. If a crop matures in 8 hours, it will die 8 hours after it reaches maturation (16 hours later).  The Farm Town Forum has excellent charts on the life expectancy of each crop and tree. 
Make like a day trader: buy & sell and do it again. If you find yourself with a lot of extra coins to burn (you would be surprised how quickly your coin count adds up) you can purchase high-cost items such as buildings, and then immediately sell them back for coin. The more something costs, the more experience points you earn when you buy it. By buying, selling, replacing, and buying again, you increase your experience points. 
Keeping up with the Joneses. Farm Town players are very competitive with their decorating and landscaping. There are a lot of tricks available to help make your farm the best on the block. Players create waterfalls, beaches, and pools by alternating river corners with dirt paths (see Farm Town Wizeman’s demonstration on You Tube for an excellent video on how to achieve this look).   You can also create optical illusions of elevation by staggering walls and fences. When you plant flowers you can freeze their growth to achieve just the right look. You can plant trees in the middle of ponds by hiding the water (right click and select hide), placing the tree on a dirt path, and then revealing the water again. Visit www.wonderhowto for an instructional video.
Optimize your performance. Farm Town has a lot of graphics and that can really slow you down.  Many times you are competing with other players to get your share of the crop when you are working on farms, so speed is important. To optimize your performance: right-click your avatar, select quality, and select low.  You can also free up system resources by clicking on the wrench (top right next to the farm name), then deselect buildings, trees, and make sure that animals are frozen.  In addition, remember to periodically clear your cache by selecting Tools/Internet Options/Delete Browsing History and Cookies.
Avoid crowds. Many farmers hire multiple farmers to complete their harvest and plow jobs. Rookie farmers will often hire 10 farmers for a very small farm. As a result, you find yourself competing for crops and plowing, and your system will typically slow way down. My advice is to politely thank the farmer for the work, and go back to the marketplace to search for another job. Multiple-hire jobs are frustrating, and most importantly, not very profitable.
Remember what your mom taught you about thank you notes. When you finish working at a farm, click on the notepad icon and send the farmer a thank you note. When the note reaches the farmer, they will have a reminder of you in their in-box, with a link in the bottom right-hand corner that allows them to find you again. 
Barter. When you are in the marketplace offer to trade crops (they hire you and you hire them), this gives you a significant advantage over other people looking for work.
Be sociable. When your neighbors are on their farms there will be a green circle by their name. Pop by their farm and ask if they need help. You earn points by watering your neighbor’s flowers, even when they are not at their farm.
Build your buddy list. When you are working for a farmer, ask if you can add them to your buddy list. When you pull up your buddy list active farmers will be indicated with a green circle. Visit their farm and ask if they need assistance. Additionally, many farmers detest the marketplace and solely hire from their buddy and neighbor lists.
Mind your manners. Farmers congregate at the marketplace to search for work. Most “employers” agree that the polite farmers get the work. Spamming and begging is generally frowned upon. The best way to get hired is state your intention and be pleasant. For example: Good evening farmers, I am available to plow or harvest at your farm. Another sure-fire way to get hired is to chat with the other farmers in the marketplace. Employers sometimes strike up conversations to help them determine who they will hire. Another trick used by employers is to simply say “hi” and see who will respond. You would be amazed by how many people are too busy begging for work to observe the niceties. Many times, you can get hired by simply responding to the greeting. Always try to use the farmer’s screen name in your response. Farmers that use rude or offensive language may be reported (via the report option) and can risk losing their account.   Watch the chat box carefully for offers of work. When you see an offer promptly respond to the request, and use the farmer’s screen name. 

Watch for my upcoming blog: FarmTown vs. FarmVille

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