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FarmVille is a real-time farming simulation on Facebook, developed by Zynga and launched in June of 2009. In November of 2009, FarmVille reached over 63.7 million users, becoming the most popular game on Facebook. To play, users “farm” crops, flowers, trees, and animals for experience points and coins. In addition, users may purchase FarmVille cash for premium farm decorations.
FarmVille is often considered the poor relative of FarmTown (introduced on Facebook in February of 2009 and developed by SlashKey), but both applications have loyal (and often rabid) fans that will heatedly argue the drawbacks and positives of both applications.
For a detailed description of how to play FarmVille visit:
Other helpful links:          .          
Basic overview of FarmVille currency:
  • Coins are the primary currency on FarmVille. You earn coins by harvesting your crops and animals, helping at your neighbor’s farms, and by selling items on your farm. Each item you plant is purchased with coins; as are trees, animals, decorations, vehicles, and buildings. You can also purchase more coins with your credit card.
  • Experience points are how you keep score, and they are achieved the old fashioned way, by earning them. As you increase your experience points, you achieve new levels. As you achieve new levels, you unlock more (and cooler) items to purchase, and you have the opportunity to expand your farm. Experience points are earned by plowing your own land prior to planting, helping on your neighbor’s farms, and buying plants, trees, animals, decorations, etc. In addition, when your crops have been fertilized by neighbors, they bring in more experience points at harvest.
  • FarmVille Cash is purchased via credit card and is used to buy premium items and fuel for your vehicles. FarmVille Cash is currently the only way to fuel vehicles, which are a convenience item that greatly reduce the time needed to harvest, plow, and plant your crops.
Tips & Tricks
Won’t you be my neighbor. Neighbors are a key component in FarmVille. Neighbors send each other gifts such as: decorations, animals, and trees. The more neighbors you have, the more gifts you get. The more gifts you get, the more coin and experience points you earn. The more coin and experience points you earn, the more you can buy. And the cycle goes on…You can only add neighbors if they are your friend on Facebook. If you don’t have enough neighbors you can’t access certain perks such as land expansions, and experience points for helping on your neighbor’s farms. This is a rather controversial issue for both FarmVille and FarmTown, because if you don’t have enough real friends you may feel the need to add strangers on Facebook to build your network. For more Neighbor FAQS visit:       
Duplicate yourself. Some of the more addicted FarmVille players have multiple farms. As a result, they can be their own neighbor. If you are your own neighbor, you can send yourself gifts, and you automatically increase your neighbor count. You must have a Facebook account for each farm that you create. Caution: I have heard rumors that if you are caught with more than one farm, both farms will be shut down. However, I have never talked to anyone that has had this actually happen.
If you plant them, they will die. In FarmVille, timing is everything. If you don’t harvest your crops in time, they will wither (die) and you lose your profit. If a crop matures in 8 hours, it will die 8 hours after it reaches maturation (16 hours later). has excellent charts on the life expectancy of each crop and animal. To maximize the profit of your livestock, you must closely watch their maturation (thankfully the animals don’t die). As soon as they reach maturation, milk them, pluck them, and collect their eggs – so they start the cycle all over again without delay.
Adopt new pets.  Watch your neighbor’s Facebook updates for “lost animal” posts. If you act quickly (it is first come, first serve), you can adopt the lost animal and increase your livestock. Remember, the more animals you have, the more coin and experience points you earn. Adopted animals are considered premium; when harvested they earn more points than standard animals (those that can be purchased or gifted). Currently, the Golden Chicken (at 64 coins per harvest) is the most profitable item that you can adopt.
Visit, Visit, Visit. You earn experience points by visiting your neighbors and helping out on their farms by scaring away raccoons, running off foxes, pulling weeds, and raking leaves. However, opportunities to help are first-come, first-serve, so try to get them done early in the day.
How to influence your friends with….fertilizer. According to the official FarmVille Forum:  players are randomly selected to receive 5 bags of fertilizer, per farm visited, per day. However, it seems that I am awarded fertilizer every time I visit a neighbor’s farm.  How it Works: When you visit your neighbor’s farm, you receive 5 bags of fertilizer for use on that farm. Fertilized plants sparkle, are bigger, and earn the farmer more experience points at the time of harvest. When the farmer first logs into their farm, a pop-up reports who has fertilized their crops that day. You can request that your neighbors fertilize your crops by hitting the link at the top-right of the screen, when you are at your farm. Your request will be posted as an update on your Facebook feed.
Fame & Recognition. Ribbons are awarded when you complete defined tasks. Each earned ribbon comes with coins, experience points, and sometimes free gifts for use on your farm. For example:  The Tree Hugger Ribbon is earned by planting one of each tree available. Some of these trees can be purchased; others must be gifted to you by your neighbors. The Good Samaritan Ribbon is awarded by making multiple visits to help on your neighbor’s farms. You can find a great cheat for this ribbon at:          .          
Watch for my upcoming blogs: FarmTown Tips & Tricks and FarmTown vs FarmVille.

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