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Virtually everybody with a Facebook account has heard of Farmville. Zynga Inc.’s farm simulator game has only been around for a year, but now sports an estimated 80 million players worldwide. The game allows players to create your own virtual farm, raise animals and crops, and trade/compete with other people online. It’s a simple premise, but the design is flexible and deep enough that it can become exceedingly addictive, as those millions of players can surely attest.

There are many different ways a player can approach Farmville. Some players are content to just play around in their personalized farm. Others prefer to collect as much money and accessories as possible. And some will compete with each other in the game’s design contests, often with a fervor matching the bloodiest of shooting games. Whatever your playing style, here are some tips to ensure that you and your pixelated livestock come out swinging.

-- Plow as much of your land as possible. Plowing will not only create space to grow crops, but will also give you the experience points needed to progress.

-- Start with the cheapest crops. As you will have very little money, it’s better to spread production across smaller, quicker plants like berries, instead of gambling on a single, more expressive crop.

-- Hire extra workers as soon as possible. The initial investment will have paid for itself once they start doing the planting and harvesting for you. ( This is a principle that also applies to larger farms and equipment like tractors. )

-- Use the timers to monitor your crops. Since you should make sure that your crops are picked before they wither, timers make sure that you will not forget and waste a harvest.

-- Make friends. Since Farmville is a social networking game, having more “ neighbors “ will unlock opportunities for prizes, including larger farm sizes. Fortunately, anyone who has friends on Facebook shouldn’t have a problem finding friends with farms.

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