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The feline allergy is an incredibly widespread condition. In fact, according to, “Between 15 and 30 percent of individuals with allergic reactions are allergic to animals, and cat allergic reactions are twice as common as dog allergic reactions.” My mother is very allergic to cats, and so regardless of all my siblings and my asking all growing up, we were never able to have an indoor feline. True feline lovers, however, may be loath to make such a complete decision. If you’re in this situation, here are a few recommendations and tricks for how you can make your life more comfortable. Locate the article here: The information about cat allergy


Keep the feline out of the bedroom


First, you need to keep in mind that you’re not really allergic to cat hair. Actually, according to Krishna McCoy, M.S., “The offensive allergen is a protein shed from a cat's skin or hair and also contained in its saliva and urine.” To put as much distance between yourself and this protein as possible, keep kitty outside when you can, and out of your bedroom when you cannot. This should prevent the worst of your allergy symptoms.


De-clutter your home


You should also keep your house as uncluttered as you can to reduce the number of surfaces where the hairs could stick and be missed during cleaning. Solid surface floors, like wood or linoleum, are better than carpet since the hair will stick much more readily to carpet fibers.


Your child’s chances of creating an allergy


Some people will also worry that having a cat while their children are young will increase the kids’ chances of getting a cat allergy when they get older. Not so, according to a recent European study of 6,300 adults. They found, “Adults adopting felines were 40% less likely to become allergic if they’d had one as a child.”



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