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09/25/2011 15:51:32 PM by K.T.Riffic   Send Message to K.T.Riffic  10874  views, category: Pet technology and gadgets view all blogs


Has your smartphone or tablet taken over your life too? How can it not? What can’t it do? iPhone is not the only one in the market anymore. There are plenty of apps for Android devices too. Here is a list of five free apps in the Android market that all dog owners should check out.

1. Dog Mentor

Dog Mentor is an app is “a set of free tools for every dog owner.” The tools include basic information about dogs including their history, a clicker for training purposes, a dog vs human years calculator, biology of dogs, and a pet manager among a few other features.

2. Dog Pal

Dog Pal is an app for keeping all of your pet’s information in one place. Record your dog sitter’s information, vet’s information, and medical records with this app. It also includes training tips and the ability to take a picture of your dog right in the app and then share it on social sites.

3. Pet Meds

If you are familiar with the web pet pharmacy, you will appreciate this app. If you have not heard of them, they are a website where you can find and buy all of your pet’s medications. This app allows you to do it right on your phone in a fast and easy way. Do not buy medications through your vet until you check the prices on this site. The best part is, you won’t have to wait to get home first. In just a few clicks, you will be able to educate yourself on the medications and find the best price on them.

4. Dog Teaser

This Dog Teaser app will come in handy when you least expect it. If you have ever tried getting your dog’s attention and failed, you understand. Sometimes the only sound that will get his or her attention is something out of the ordinary or it could be that squeaky ball noise. It can also be great fun to tease your pet.

5. Fast Burst Camera Lite

Fast Burst Camera Lite is not necessarily a pet related app, but it is a must for pet owners who have excitable and energetic dogs. It is important to keep a recent picture of your dog on hand at all times just in case he or she does the disappearing act. This app uses your device’s camera to take pictures in rapid secession. It is able to take 5 to 10 photos a second by either setting it to do so or tapping the screen repeatedly.

There are plenty more Android apps on the market just for pet owners and lovers. If you know of a good one, let us know below.

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I have never thought that there is any applications for doga , but visiting your website made me aware of this . Its a great technology developed for the dog owners . This application will be usefil for them in keeping their dog safe and healthy. Thanks for sharing this applications.
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I simply love my pets..I have a dog, two cats and five love birds..These applications are really helpful..I have tried it with my dog Pluto..It works..Thanks for the applications..look up cell phone numbers
Posted by dannielcruz on Tuesday, 02/14/2012, 06:31AM


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Posted by AliceScheno on Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 06:52AM


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Posted by zinaspinarz on Friday, 01/20/2012, 07:04AM


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Posted by rozerharris45 on Monday, 11/28/2011, 23:19PM


I admit, I'm chomping at the bit for the Amazon Kindle Fire, which will run Android apps. The teaser one looks like a really fun toy to torture my cats with! LOL

Posted by HAFowler on Friday, 10/14/2011, 18:43PM

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