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Now that we've covered the basics of natural cat food, here are reviews of five top well-received cat food brands. Each one has garnered many positive editorial and user reviews from sites like, and

Of course, there’s no guarantee your cat will like these brands, since all cats have their own tastes and nutritional needs, but these products all have a good track record. None of the listed brands, expect for Feline’s Pride, have been included in pet food recalls. Check the FDA website for more information on recalls. (Feline’s Pride issued a voluntary recall of its chicken meals in 2010 due to possible Salmonella contamination.)


Felidae may be the most familiar name on this list to most cat owners. Although it is a holistic brand, its easily find it at most specialty pet stores online. Moderately priced a online reviews indicate that Felidae, especially the dry varieties, are a favorite choice of pet owners and veterinarians.

Felidae offers three basic formulas, with each one available in both dry and canned options. 

- Cat and Kitten Formula combines four quality meat meals – chicken, turkey meal, ocean fish and lamb meal, as well as peas, millet and brown rice. All the necessary nutrients are here, including vitamins B6, B12 and beta carotene. The formula even contains cranberries, pineapple and papaya.

- Chicken Meal and Rice Formula is packed with high-quality chicken meal, along with the same nutrients as cat and kitten formula.

- Felidae Platinum, formulated for senior and overweight cats, is a low-calorie meal containing chicken, lamb, fish and turkey. According to user reviews on and, cats love the taste. Pet food review sites (Cat Food Reviews, Cats) give Felidae dry foods high ratings on ingredient quality and taste. Felidae dry foods are 32% protein and 20% fat. It promotes a healthy, shiny coat.

I discovered this firsthand through my cat, Lux. He was a mangy guy when I first got him, but after feeding him Felidae for a few weeks, he developed a thick, luxurious coat.

Newman’s Own Organic

You may be familiar with Newman’s Own salad dressings, popcorn and snack foods, but this pioneering natural foods company, founded by the Academy Award winning actor and author A. E. Hotchner in 1982, opened the Newman’s Own Organics division in 1993.

The company currently produces adult and advanced dry cat food formulas and a variety of wet foods.

The Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dry Cat Food is suitable for cats age one to seven years. It contains organic chicken, soybeans and fish meal as well as organic carrots and flaxseed. Like Felidae, it has a 32% protein content, but contains only 16% fat.

The Advanced Dry Cat Food formula, for cats seven years and older, adds organic oats, barley and cranberries to the mix. It has a higher protein content at 34%, and 14% fat. .

Newman’s Own Organic Canned Cat Food, available in regular and grain-free varieties, earned praise from pet owners at Amazon and Only Natural Pet Most of the reviewers cite no “cons” to the product and give it high marks for its organic ingredients and nutritional value. The chicken and brown rice formula was named “Best Organic Cat Food” by

Other regular flavors are chicken and salmon, turkey, turkey and vegetable. The grain-free flavors contain organic beef from veggie-fed cattle and come in liver, beef and beef and liver.

Feline’s Pride (Raw Diet)

Feline’s Pride raw natural cat food products read more like a restaurant menu than a mere list of cat vittles. The company’s Gourmet Cornish Hen, Duck, Rabbit, Turkey and Chicken products are designed to mimic what cats eat in the wild-raw, uncooked meat.

According to the “Raw Truth” page on the Feline’s Pride website, “The natural diet of cats does not include cooked meat or cooked bones, grains, vegetables, fruits…” If you believe in feeding your pet only raw foods and don’t have time to prepare it yourself, Feline’s Pride offers 2.5 pound tubs of Cornish Hen with the following natural, uncooked ingredients – Cornish Hen, chicken liver, taurine, salmon oil and organic egg yolk, among other ingredients.

Other products include chicken, turkey, rabbit and duck, available for an average cost of $6.99 per pound, per the company website as of September 2011. Vet Lisa A. Pierson on recommends the brand, in particular the chicken formula.


On its website, Weruva claims its food is “better than human grade”, adding “We Use Ingredients that people actually eat.” But will cats eat it? Yes, according to the 93 five-star reviews of  Weruva Paw Lickin’ Canned Chicken Cat Food. Reviewers state that this variety is “a good, grain-free option” and that it is helpful for cats with urinary tract blockage.

Other canned flavors include Grandma’s Chicken Soup, made with chicken, chicken broth, pumpkin, peas, sunflower seed oil and a full compliment of essential nutrients. Weruva foods are noted for their high moisture content. Since cats derive most of their water from wet food, using this brand will help ensure your kitty is getting enough water every day.

Weruva is a good choice for cats who eschew the water bowl or otherwise need extra moisture from their food.

Weruva also has eight seafood flavors with names like Meow Luau and Polynesian BBQ. Weruva canned food also looks like people food, not the bland pâté common in many canned foods.


Innova produced dry and wet cat food in three formulas – cat and kitten, low-fat and senior. These formulas passed AAFCO animal feeding tests and contain natural products, from herring and chicken to cottage cheese and pumpkin.

The Innova Dry Cat and Kitten formula is 36% protein and 20% fat, while the low-fat dry food has 32% protein and only 9% fat. The canned kitten and cat formula, like Weruva, has high-moisture content, clocking in at 73%.

The Senior Canned Cat Food contains only 7 % fat, with ingredients like dried skim milk, salmon, apple and alfalfa sprouts. Innova Dry Cat Food was favorably reviewed by Cats.

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