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Although I don't spend a lot of time everyday facebooking, I see funny and cute pet pictures shared on Facebook almost everyday. Thanks to my 1,000+ passionate pet friends!

Why not share them with more fellow pet lovers here? I hope the following pictures of our funny furry friends will bring you laugh, and if you are really stressed about your work, see below.  

Facebook You and Real You

photo courtesy of Ray Bailey, shared on 9/22/2011

Friends through Thick and Thin

photo courtesy of Buddy Cat, shared on 10/18/2011

Kissing Booth

photo courtesy of Thomas Berrett, shared on 9/30/2011

I'm So Not Drinking

photo courtesy of Terry Hill Dexter, shared on 9/27/2011

Dad is OK

Since most men have their heads up their ASS... I just thought this was too cute not to post.... And to those who I know have their heads up their ass.. this kitty must have not been looking at things from the right angle.. or your head is so far up your ass, its popped out of your neck again.. completing the "full head up one's ass" circle of life...
comment and photo shared by Renee Wafford on 9/29/2011

Sleepy Pups Waiting for Mom

photo courtesy of Mochi & Jolie, shared on 9/29/2011

Spooky Cats Shiny Eyes
Do you know how many cats are in this picture?

13 cats!
photo courtesy of cat friend Christy Johnson, shared on 9/29/2011 

Too Comfortable?

photo courtesy of Pensiero Micioso, shared on 9/9/2011

Cuddle Train

photo courtesy of Cat Bless You, shared on 8/1/2011

More pictures will be posted from time to time. Stay tuned...

If you have a funny picture on Facebook you want to share with us, post a comment or send me a message here.

About the author: I'm just a crazy pet lover who loves cats and dogs, and all the animals on the planet. more >>

See something on the Internet that you'd like us to profile in this column? Anything about pet fashion, technology or interesting is good. Send us an email to or leave a comment below.

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