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Leading retailer of interactive dog exercise products provides fun summer fitness options for pets and owners.

July 4th coupons for a day or two are so old fashioned, Go-Go Dog Pals with their out-of-box thinking are celebrating Independence Day this entire month. Looking forward to enhancing outdoor fun for pet owners this summer, Go-Go Dog Pals continues to spellbind them with a can't-miss offer. is honoring America, declaring 15% price cuts on its interactive dog toy. Free Shipping on this remote-controlled toy is already a treat, but Go-Go Dog Pals is adding cherry on the top with fabulous 15% off.

Give your pooch a buddy he will love playing and exercising with. Go-Go Dog Pal is innovatively crafted with durable material to help carry out an interactive and speedy workout session for pets. Its advanced long range remote-controlled technology and fast speed offers the best dog game for all breeds. On this Independence Day get freedom from taking your dog out for exercise, especially people with limited time, as anyone can take them out for exercise now.

This remote-controlled pet toy is a boon to pet parents with hectic schedule, as they don't have to worry about their furry friend's health. It is also a great gift for senior pet owners, as they don't have to put in much effort to make their dogs work out. Go-Go Dog Pal helps dogs exercise and play naturally with a long chase they always adore. From young to old and anyone in between, Go-Go Dog Pals offers unlimited fun for both owner and the pet. Order now and declare your independence from tiresome daily routine of taking your dog out for exercise.

Go-Go Dog Pals is a premium provider of dog exercise products that improve the health and lifestyles of dogs and their owners. The mission of Go-Go Dog Pals is to significantly elevate the fun factor of dog exercise. The toy is also great for dog owners who have limited time or have difficulty exercising their pets. It is also ideal for athletic dogs or those that have high energy to deliver a challenging, natural workout. Go-Go Dog Pals are available at,, and where additional information can be found.

About the author: Go-Go Dog Pals provides the world's growing dog owner community with an innovative and technologically advanced interactive toy. Go-Go Dog Pals utilizes advanced Remote Control technology, combined with a ruggedized, lightweight, durable and stabl... more >>

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