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Dogs make loyal companions, but the steps to get your dog to this point are challenging. Watching your puppy continuously pee on your favorite rug might make diapers seem like a viable option. However, these convenient items are not going to train your dog to become a gentleman or lady. So how can you effectively train your dog and leave the convenient products that produce waste behind?

Seasoned dog owners know that consistency and praise are key. Turning a puppy into a potty trained adult dog, requires time and patience. However, if you have a full-time job, crate training might not fit your schedule, which is when puppy training pads seem like the perfect solution. These pads might prevent accidents, but your dog could have a harder time learning how to go outside. But if these are the right product for you, try biodegradable training pads or washable ones. EcoHound has organic cotton training pads, which can be washed and used repeatedly.

Out of handiness, you might also reach for wet wipes when you need to clean poop off the puppy’s paws. Instead, use washcloths or old towels and add soap. Depending on what type of wipes you use, the extra expense can add up but old towels can be reused.

Another way to save money is on your cleaning products. Your puppy’s toys and cage can be wiped clean with safe, common household items such as baking soda and vinegar.

Puppy training pads, wet wipes and top of the line cleaning products only create more waste and decrease your cash flow. Opting for these greener puppy training alternatives can prevent accidents and keep your puppy on track.

About the author: I own a writing and editing business, Cat's Eye Editing, LLC. I enjoy writing about environmental issues and animal rights. more >>

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