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It's raining cat and dog gadgets! Our pets are catching up to us when it comes to technology. From GPS tracking devices to social media, cats and dogs are able to get their paws on almost everything we can. Here are six gadgets and technologies just for pets.






Microchips work through the use of RFID, or Radio Frequency IDentification. The chips include an antenna and signal transmitter that can communicate with RFID readers, which most vets and shelters now have. This technology makes reuniting lost owners much easier and faster. In the future, RFID tags will most likely be able to do much more than store an ID number. For example, a vet will be able to scan the pet and instantly be able to see medical history, allergies, and behavior information.


VUE personal video network



Here is a very fun and functional device, granted more so for you than your pet. Avaak's new Vue, a multi camera wireless video system. Basically, multiple cameras can be set up to communicate with one central base unit so pictures or video can be viewed and recorded from multiple angles and room wirelessly. Once the unit collects the video, it can be viewed remotely from any computer or iPhone. 


Spotlight GPS



Read more about this product here, Spotlight GPS Pet Locator. Here is a quick overview. The Spotlight GPS is a collar attachment that has a GPS tracking device in it. The animal wearing the collar can be tracked and the owner can be alerted by phone or email when the pet has moved outside of predetermined boundaries. The owner can then be led to the dog using GPS location technology.


Sony Camera with Pet smart mode DSC CX7 

Focus on moving animals, reduce red possessed-looking eyes, and get a clear action shot with the latest camera to offer a pet smart mode. Although Sony was not the first in this market, it is still a good move on their part. The Fuji FinePix Z700EXR was reportedly the first camera with a built-in pet mode as described in the article The Fuji Camera That Can Detect A Pet's Face.


iRobot Rumba with pet fur remover


This is one vacuum that even the dog can work. With the push of one button (after setup), the whole room will be cleaned, pet fur and all, while the two of you are out for a walk or at the park.


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Even twitter has gone to the dogs. There are hundreds of twittering pets and animal lovers to follow, including us. Keep up to date with all the furry friends of by following @YeePet.

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Tech gadgets for pets!!! Sounds amazing and I was in search of few many gadgets for my pet Foofy . of all the 6 gadgets mentioned here, I loved the micro chips more than the other as I would know where my pet has gone when I am not with her. gregorys pallets
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