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If your dog is constantly itching his or herself, it could be an indication that there is something wrong. From fleas to allergies, there are many possible causes that could lead to the itching. The good news is that there are as many remedies to alleviate the itching as there are causes.

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Home Remedies For Itchy Skin
When a dog itches for a prolonged period of time, they can start to loose fur, develop red bumps, and a dull coat. It can be painful for your dog and for you to watch. To make your dog healthy and happy again, you have a couple of options. First, you can bring your dog straight to the veterinarian. This option is far more expensive, but might be faster. Secondly, you can try some home remedies.

Home remedies are those that you can do or make at home. They are generally considered safe since most of them use natural and organic ingredients. Some are simple, while others are more complex mixtures of ingredients.

Give These A Try
If you have decided to try a home remedy, keep in mind that some of these remedies might work for you dog but others might not. Every dog is different and will respond to some, but probably not all of the following. Also realize some of these treatments are still being debated.

* Fish oil - Fish oil can be purchased in most stores where vitamins and supplements are sold. It is generally accepted that this oil is very good for dog (and human) skin. Simply give your dog the recommended dosage daily either by mouth or poured over dog food.

* Vitamin E - Buy vitamin E gel cap pills. Pop them and pour over your dog’s food daily. This can be used with the fish oil gel caps.

* Baking soda - Mix baking soda with cold water and rub into your dog’s skin over the affected area.

*Apple Cider Vinegar - Mix apple cider vinegar with water and apply to the affected area. This will sooth the itching and allow healing.

* Epsom salt - Give your dog a nice cool bath with some Epsom salt mixed in. This will sooth itching and aid in healing.

* Oatmeal - If you have ever had the chicken pox, you know how soothing an oatmeal bath can be. It works just the same for itchy dogs.

* Essential oils - Many essential oils are available at local holistic shops or online. Oils that can reduce itching in dogs include tea tree oil, lavender, and white thyme.

* Regular Grooming - Especially during the shedding seasons, regular grooming and bathing can prevent itching altogether.

Always keep in mind, if you are apprehensive about any of these remedies, or are uncomfortable in any way, do not attempt. Instead, bring your dog to the vet. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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