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Yes, I’m a vegetarian but it’s because I choose to be, and I plan to stay on this diet. However, if I end up experiencing health problems from it, I'm open to re-assessing my diet. When it comes to my cats and dogs, people have asked me whether I have extended that diet onto my pets. It would be a good feeling to walk out of the grocery store with no meat products, but I do for my pets.

I personally cannot validate feeding my pets vegan food. My first reason is because they cannot make a conscious choice to do this. Second, I’m not sure that it’s the healthiest diet for them. A vegetarian/vegan diet helps lower bad cholesterol and fat in a human’s body, but it’s not really the same for pets. I think the best way to feed your pet is to make sure the meat is organic, grain fed and was treated humanely. Read more about the pros and cons of vegan dog food here.

Everyone has different opinions on this topic, so how do you feel or what has been your experience with vegan pet food?

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@Sarena - I love Futurama...thanks for sharing that video!

Posted by CatsEyeEditing on Wednesday, 08/05/2009, 20:53PM


I'm not a vet, but it seems like based on ancestral diets, dogs need some meat in their diet.
And I have a YouTube clip on this subject that I must share with you:

Posted by Sarena on Tuesday, 07/28/2009, 18:59PM

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