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The title may sound like would be a joke type of blog, but in fact this is quite serious!  As part of the Valentine's day festivities, it would be a great idea to also include your pet and "decorate" them for the weekend and the day.

How can you decorate your pet?  There are several ways to bring Valentine's day home and let your pet participate along with you.

#1 Buy a red collar or get a heart collar charm.  This is a relatively quick and easy way to decorate your pet.  Red collars and charms are easy to find at any pet store, and even in your pet food aisle at the grocery store.  A bright red collar and/or charm will shout out Happy Valentine's Day without any real change to your pet's world.

#2 Let your pet wear a red doggie sweater or outfit.  There are so many cute red and Valentine's Day outfits available - and most for under $20.  A cute pink jammie with red hearts, some red booties, a red sweater or coat for your walks. There are so many outfits to choose from you may have to start dressing up early to get them all in!

#3 A Valentine's Day Bandana - This is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to help celebrate the day.  Tie the bandana around the collar so that it is secured well and will not slip and slid all around.  You should be able to find all sorts of designs for Valentine's Day and this one will not break your pocketbook!

#4  Red Bows - check out the dollar stores for some good deals and put red bows on top of the head, on the ears, and even attach dozens all around the body when you go out for a walk.  I would not suggest leaving them on the body unsupervised as they might cause discomfort or get eaten.  For boy dogs you could attach a red bow tie to their collar.

#5 Paint the toenails a Valentine's Day Red!  Have fun with this one - soon you'll have the sound of clickity click with the added attraction of RED!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your pet!

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cc JDuncan 2/6/11

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