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You shouldn't be the only one who gets to have fun with fashion.  Let your pet have some fashionable fun too without stretching your budget. There are some great looks for your pet that you can create without spending a lot of money.  You could combine one nice piece like a dress, shirt or jacket with an inexpensive accessory.  You can even make a lot of cute pet accessories like bows and bandanas for very little money if you want to get a little crafty. 

Dresses and Bows


A knit dress for your pint sized pup from Shaggy Chic is a great starter piece for an outfit at just $25!  And pair it with your own homemade bow to finish off the look.  Go for something easy and simple by just tying a cute ribbon into your pet's fur.  For something a little more complicated, buy ribbon and a beret clip.  Tie the ribbon into and bow and glue it onto the clip. 

Shirts and Socks


For a more lazy Sunday afternoon look, try something simple like a dog t-shirt and socks.  Try a heart breaker t-shirt for $10 from Shaggy Chic and get in the Valentine's Day spirit.  It's 100 percent cotton and super comfy for your pet.  And if you're just going to be snuggling on the couch, why not keep your dog's feet warm with some special doggie socks.  Buy some online for just a couple bucks a pair.

Hats and Scarves


Dogs can't have all the fun.  Cats need some style in their lives too.  Mini cat hats from Glamour Cat are the perfect accessory.  The Valentine Glamour Hollywood hats are the perfect start to an outfit at just $13.  They come with a little elastic strap for easy dressing and even come with tips to get your kitty to accept it.  Pair it with a kitten scarf from Squishe for just $6.  Your kitty will be stylish and warm!


Jackets and Boots


For those trips outdoors in the winter wonderland, be sure to brace your dog against the weather with a coat and boots.  Terrier Trousers from Clarkie and Company is a great fleece coat for around $15 that is comfortable and stylish.  It even has a clip on the back so it serves as a harness too and you don't have to add an extra collar and leash.  Places like Petco sell waterproof disposable booties for about $10 to complete the look.

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