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For many cats, the prospect of being put in a cat carrier for an extended trip is a nightmare. And for the owners of those cats, the prospect of putting them in a cat carrier is similarly unpleasant. Here are some tips to make the process less painful for both parties.

Keep the carrier open when not in use. Allow your cat open access to the device, so they can make it their own and see the carrier as more than a human's torture machine.

Make the inside of the carrier feel like home. Put small blankets on the floor, and keep some toys inside. You can also spray the interior with a catnip or pheromone mist to make it even more attractive.

Change the position of the carrier from time to time. Doing so will make your cat aware of the device, without directly associating it with being trapped and taken to a place they don't want to be.

Take your cat in the carrier for smaller outings. Start really small, like a trip from one end to the other. From there you can expand to actually going on drives, albeit shorter ones. The goal is to make them see that going in the carrier does not necessarily mean a trip to the vet (or other place they find horrible).

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