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Taking photos of any pet can be difficult. Make the pet Very small and the difficulty level increases. Below are some tips for getting great shots of your pocket pets.

1) You need to be patient. There will be times it will take Many shots before even getting close to what you are wanting to achieve. Try being more patient and making it into a game for you and your pet. This could be a great bonding experience for you both.

2) Have someone Help you. Having an extra pair of hands (or More) can make a Huge difference in the process. having a "helper" will reduce the stress on you. They can help by repositioning your pet when the move out of the frame, instead of you having to keep doing it and then having to refocus on that spot.

3) Use treats. They can help to keep your pets interest. Treats can also help in the making it a play/bonding time or even a training exercise. Some of the cutest photos I have taken have been in the using of treats.  You can also try things like a tiny drop of yogurt, peanut butter or vanilla extract to dab on an item in the photo frame you wish to draw their attention to.

4) Use Props. Props not only look cute in shots but can also help to keep your pets attention so they stay in the frame.

Most important is to Always try and make it Fun. The more frustrated and stressed you become the more it will effect the picture taking process. You pet can sense your frustration and may become More difficult to photograph the more stressed you become.

Happy Picture Taking.

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