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It’s no secret, this economy is not so hot right now and it doesn’t look like it will be getting much better any time soon. More people are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. Many people are turning to alternative means of work such including starting their own businesses.

Of course, if you are going to go into business for yourself, you better do something  you will
enjoy and be good at. For pet lovers who are thinking about working with pets for a living, one option is dog grooming.

Dog grooming franchises tend to be a good option for people who want to work for themselves but do not want to start a new unknown company from the ground up. Because dog grooming can be done in a van and therefore no building has to be build or rented, there is a relatively small start up fee for this type of business.

How does a Mobile Dog Grooming Business Work?
Instead of having to deal with the hassle of get your dog ready, putting him in the car, driving to the groomer’s, and waiting, then doing it all in reverse, a mobile grooming van goes to the dog’s home and does everything there. This saves pet parent’s time and frustration, making mobile dog grooming vans a welcome service many pet owners are willing to pay for. Also, dogs remain calmer by staying in their home environment instead of being taken out of their comfort zone.

Mobile dog grooming vans are fully equipped with everything a groomer needs to care for virtually any kind of dog or cat on the spot. Think of an ice cream truck driving around with fully functional freezers. Everything the groomer needs is right there in the van.

A client schedules a time for the groomer to come to their home and when the groomer gets there, the dog is brought into the van, groomed, and handed back to the owner. Payments are made on the spot as well.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Dog Grooming Business
Once you purchase a mobile dog grooming van, you have the freedom of choosing your own schedule, taking on as many clients as you want, and being your own boss.

Because everything is included in the van instead of having to buy large equipment like owners of franchises such as McDonalds or Cost Cutters, start up fees, franchise fees, and overhead costs are low. However, because you will be providing a service people will be willing to pay for, the premiums you can charge are high. This means earning potential can also be high.

What to Look Out For
If all of this sounds good to you, great. Of course, there are always some downsides to everything. Not that they are always bad, but they are definitely things to think about. Before deciding to start your own mobile dog grooming franchise, do some research on the various companies that operate in your area. Each company will offer different benefits and pricing structures.

Consider the price of gas, which is always going up. Driving around a fully loaded van all day is bound to burn through gas. You can minimize your costs by managing your schedule so clients are close together instead of driving from one side of town to the other and back in the same day.

Also remember that because it is a van, it will require regular maintenance and all the fees that come from operating a vehicle. Flat tires, tickets, and taxes can cost you.

So weigh the pros and cons and think about if spending the day with dogs and meeting clients instead of sitting at a desk all day is right for you. Good luck!

Here are the names of a few mobile dog grooming companies to get you started in your search: Wag’n Tails, Right Look Pets, Sit Stay and Style.

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