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Does your cat cuddle up with the base heater or radiator? Cats do love to keep warm and tend to find the hottest place in the room to take a nap.

Give your cat a warm safe place in a stylish way. The K&H heated cat products are sure to be the perfect combination of heat, comfort, and style that you and your cat will love.

The Kitty Sill

Do not be surprised if the K&H Kitty Sill becomes your cat’s favorite place to rest. This product turns your normal window sill into a heated perch fit for a prince or princess.

The Kitty Sill will not only keep your cat warm, it will also allow him to keep an eye on the outside world. As you know, cats love staring out the window almost as much as taking naps.

The K&H Kitty Sill uses only 6 watts of power, hardly enough to register on your electric bill. And if that wasn’t enough, the orthopedic cover is removable for easy washing and the sturdy platform design is strong enough to hold large cats.

Your cat can use this platform all year long. Just keep the heat off in the summer.

Indoor Heated Cat Beds
For cats that enjoy hiding or curling up on a nice cat bed, K&H have some hot and stylish products. The Thermo-Kitty Hut and Thermo-Kitty Cabin both utilize a 4 watt removable heater that heats up to a cat’s normal body temperature.

The Thermo-Kitty Hut features a flexible hood for your cat to cuddle under during the coldest nights.

The Thermo-Kitty Cabin has a special feature. It can be folded into three different shapes, depending on what you cat prefers. One option allows your cat to hide away inside an enclosed space, a second option is more of a U-shaped bed, and the third option is a flat bed with a back bumper as you can see in the photo above.

You’ve Come to the Right Place
All of these K&H products and more are available right here on the Yeepet store. Click on the links above to view the product in the store and see what else is available.

Staying Warm
If your cat already has a favorite bed that you would like to keep warm, the Yeepet store also offers the K&H pet bed warmer in three sizes. Each one utilizes a dual thermostat for added comfort.

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