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   Imagine that your sense of smell is thousands of times stronger than it is now. Imagine being surrounded by the smells of a Thanksgiving feast, new people smells, cookies, and candy all around you. No wonder our dogs get in so much trouble over the holidays. They intuitively use the chaos of our gatherings to get a crack at the bounty. Nobody watching the food on the table? You can bet some dogs are! Some dogs aren’t that interested in food. They are more interested in getting attention from our family and friends. My dog Tucker is a big lab…and a house dog. He is very aware of food left in reach on the counter. One time he snuck up and ate a piece of a birthday cake. Thank goodness I could cut that piece out and still serve it to unsuspecting guests!

Here are a few things you can do to help your animals survive the holidays.

     Keep them crated or isolated if crowds or new people freak them out. Dog bites are common on holidays. Kids and people that don’t own animals fail to see that they are making them nervous or defensive.

     One small piece of milk chocolate won’t usually cause problems. A tray of kisses could cause symptoms. If your dog ate a tray of milk chocolate or several ounces of baking chocolate, make them puke it up with peroxide. I also wrote a blog on making dogs puke. Basically you give them a slice of bread then a teaspoon of 2% peroxide per ten pounds to encourage the purge.

     Make sure all guests keep their bedroom doors shut and make sure that their medication is up and out of reach. For some reason dogs love to open and eat medicine. It must smell edible!

     Dogs and cats are territorial and may pee or poop on your guests belongings. You can decide if you want to warn them to keep their door closed.
Warn guests if you have a dog or cat that will run off. People aren’t always used to keeping doors closed.


     One beef rib or chicken bone will not generally cause a problem. If your dog snags a baked or barbecued bone you can give them a piece of bread to coat the stomach and intestines and help push it through. Watch for any signs of nausea or constipation.

      One of the most common causes of a vet visit during the holidays occurs after a dog snags a piece of fatty beef or even the whole turkey carcass. You can use pepcid for mild nausea and vomiting. Imodium helps with a case of diarrhea. Dosages are on  my free home remedy download at  If your dog looks sick or experiences severe vomiting or diarrhea…get them checked out.

     You can share small pieces of turkey, green beans, and carrots with your pet. However there are many ingredients that some dogs do not tolerate. Dark chocolate, sugarless gum, beef fat, macadamia nuts, onions top the list.
Being over rambunctious and throwing their back out, or pulling a muscle is common with all the activity. Give them a baby or adult aspirin according to their weight.

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