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We got Reeg-r back in 1999, when he was just a puppy. As you can see from his pictures, he was an adorable puppy.  He looked like a little butterball.

 On our first Christmas with him, he was running around the yard and playing with anything that he would find. We had bought him a bunch of toys, but it seemed that he would end up playing with some old rag or some other item that he found.

We use to throw a frisbie and he would just love to run and try to catch it. He was so little though, he usually ended up going head over heels, then just picking it up where it had fallen and bring it back to us.

As you can see from his adult picture, he is now in his 'senior years'.  he is still very active, and loves to play, not only with us, but the other two dogs as well.

We are praying that we will have quite a few more years with him.  We love him very much. 

To you pet owners out there that have 'senior' pets, I am sure that you must cherish every moment with them.  I know that we do.

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