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Do you love your pet so much you want to carry a little piece of him or her with you at all times? Or maybe you want a piece of jewelry that will make a statement, get people talking, and have a great story behind it. Either way, the Perpetua Life Jewels necklaces are worth looking into.

What makes these necklaces so unique is that they are made from your pet’s actual DNA. Dr. Joy Halverson, DVM MPVM, brought technology and science together to find a way of using animal or human DNA, modifying it so it is visible to the naked eye, combining it with a colored pigment, and preserving it in a very unique, stylish, and enduring way.

The Story
Here is a snippet of the story of Perpetua from their website:

When Dr. Halverson lost her very dear and devoted dog companion Dustin in 2004, she experimented with ideas to memorialize his DNA. After several years in the lab, she invented a method for creating a visible, aesthetically pleasing double helix strand, and preserving it in durable acrylic.

Dr. Halverson then worked with jewelers to create the pendant. After her friends and family started asking questions and showing interest in purchasing their own, she realized there was a market for the product and began producing them.

That’s right, you can take a sample of your pet’s DNA and send it into the company and they will send you a Perpetua Life Jewel pendent made in your color choice and with your pet’s actual DNA.

The Science
The colored pigment of the Life Jewel is the actual DNA. Through modern scientific methods, a small amount of DNA that is normally not able to be seen with the naked eye, can be expanded and bonded with a luminescent pigment making it clearly visible to humans.

There are many ways of collecting your pet’s DNA sample. You can take a cheek swab, use a new children’s sized toothbrush to collect a cheek swab sample, ask your vet to take a blood sample, or you can send in some pieces or hair or fur with the roots still attached.

Because all living things have DNA, a pendant can be made using a sample from all types of pets and animals. Perpetua has made jewels from all kinds of pets including dogs, cats, birds, horses, hamsters, rabbits, and many other pets. They can also use a combination of your pet’s and your DNA. Be sure to follow the directions on the website when collecting and mailing samples.


The Finished Product
The Classic Life Jewel Pendent is about one and a half inches tall and is available in twelve colors. The pendent and matching chain are available in Sterling silver, gold plated, or 14k gold.

The Crystal Heart Life Jewel Pendent is a faceted glass pendent with the double helix inside. The double helix is available in the same twelve colors as the Classic Life Jewel.

Perpetua Life Jewels are certainly a unique and personal way to express love and the bond between pet and owner. One of these necklaces are sure to make a great gift for the person in your life who has a special bond with his or her pet or for yourself.

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