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Are you ready to introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your pet? Here are some etiquette guidelines to help everyone get along.

Treat The Pet With Respect
One of the fastest and most successful ways to win someone's heart is to get to know and love their pet. Never mistreat a pet. That includes trowing, dropping, shooing, and saying mean or hurtful things to the pet. 

Do Not Discipline A Dog That Is Not Yours

Without permission. It is considered rude to slap or hit a pet that is not yours. As with children, some parents refuse to use any sort of violence to discipline their pets.  

Do Not Assume You Know What Is Best
Always ask before feeding the pet any snacks, treats, or food. Some animals must be on strict diets or have human food. That also means no sneaking table scraps under the table.

Help Out With Pet Care 
Caring for a pet is a lot of work. Help out any time possible. Not only will the pet enjoy your company more, so will both of you.

Make Sure Your Pet Has Good Manners
Training is essential, especially for pets such as dogs or cats. No one appreciates a dog that jumps and scratches all the time. Be sure to train your pet often and start young. 

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