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“Let me introduce you to Pawsby the PooPatroller,” says the homepage for this product. Pawsby is a dog-shaped leash handle that becomes everything you need to clean up after your dog during the day or night.



Pawsby is shaped like a dog and includes many great features. The best part about him is that everything is biodegradable and very green. The plastic that Pawsby is made out of is a new kind of plastic that will break down in special landfills. The disposable bags are also biodegradable.


Here is a list of the other features Pawsby includes:
1.Pawsby’s removable hat becomes a water bowl and storage compartment.
2.The handle is ergonomically designed
3.The leash and collar are made of recyclable hemp.
4.The pooper-scooper part is hidden and compact.
5.One of Pawsby’s front paws is a crank flashlight that never needs batteries or bulbs
6.Pawsby even includes an emergency cell phone charger for your cell phone!



The pooper-scooper is the reason to purchase this product. No one likes bending over with a shopping bag over his or her hand. I know I don’t. At night, I have to guess where the waste is unless I remember to bring my cell phone and go though three steps to turn on the flashlight. That also means that I have my dog in my left hand moving around, the flashlight wobbles because of her movement, and the bag in the other hand. There have been a couple of instances where I have accidentally touched the waste because of the awkwardness. Then I have to open the door with that hand. It can be a real mess.



Pawsby would eliminate that. The flashlight is part of the handle and it works for up to 20 minutes with one crank, and the pooper-scooper makes the process hands free. From what I understand, the pooper-scooper works like this. First you load the bag onto the scooper. Then you place it in the back of Pawsby. After your dog finishes his or her business, you take the scissor shaped scooper out of the back and pick up the waste. Then, you unhook the bag from the top of the scooper and twist it closed. The bag then secures back on top of the scooper and fits back inside the handle. When you are ready to discard the waste, the bag simply untwists from the scooper and falls into the trash.


There are a few downsides to Pawsby. One is that it is only feasible for dogs under 50lbs. The leash attachment may not hold stronger dogs. The small size of the pooper-scooper will not hold waste from larger dogs. Another downside is the shape. I do not see many people willing to walk down the street with a dog leash handle that is shaped like a dog with a sheriff’s badge and red hat. The third downside is the limited choices. There is only one Pawsby shape and color (grey). The leash and collar only come in one color also (purple). You could attach your own leash, though.



Pawsby is committed to being as green as possible. When you no longer need their product or decide you do not want it any longer, you can return it to them so they can recycle it. They also encourage their customers to give it to someone else or a shelter.


Overall, I agree with Pawsby's mission statement: "The Dog Walkers' Clean and Green Waste Collection Solution,"™ all that you need for enjoyable, safe, hygienic and responsible dog walking."


I would recommend Pawsyby the PooPatroller to dog owners with dogs under 50 pounds.

About the author: Kayleigh has always loved animals and has spent time volunteering at the local dog shelter. The love of her life is her four year old Rottweiler, Lizzie. She enjoys writing for since it combines her love of animals with one of her favor... more >>

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