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Loud music, crazy costumes, laughing and screaming people and delicious food—this might sound like the perfect Halloween for you and your friends, but it can be a potentially dangerous and scary time for your pets. With all of the commotion, your pet might behave inappropriately or become stressed. Below are some ways that you can ensure your pet stays safe and calm during this frightful holiday.

  • Keep your pets in a crate or cage during the festivities. This will prevent your dog from biting strangers, and your pet will probably feel safe in the crate where it has food, water and bedding.
  • Put its license and updated ID tags on your dog or cat in case someone would accidentally let your indoor pet outside.
  • Inform your guests that feeding your pet is strictly forbidden. You can even put signs up near the food. Chocolate as well as xylitol (an artificial sweetener) is poisonous to dogs.
  • Keep your cats, especially black ones, indoors during October. You might have to put a litter box, food and water in your bedroom or guest room, but at least your cat will be safe and sound and less likely to be tortured or sacrificed.
  • Create a fire safety plan for your pet, because you never know what can happen during a party.
  • Setup a pet webcam that you can access via the web if you’re not going to be home during the holiday.
  • Keep electrical wires and other harmful objects out of reach if you’re going to put your animal in a room away from the guests. You don’t want your pet to misbehave out of boredom and chew dangerous objects.

Some of these tips should be on your mind all year round, and you can even add a pet safety decal to your door so firefighters know there are pets living in your home. Get free pet safety decals here. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

About the author: I own a writing and editing business, Cat's Eye Editing, LLC. I enjoy writing about environmental issues and animal rights. more >>

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