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What's Causing Your Dog To Itch? Allergies in Dogs

Allergies are something that we all know about. They cause our eyes to itch or water, make it hard to breathe, they make us sneeze, and cause a var...  Read More

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03/24/2015 07:35:57 AM, by DavidSantos 1512 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Care tips for pets If you love your pets, you should take good care of them. That’s all we can say before we start with our post. Make a note of tips posted below as it can help you stay with your cute little pet for longer.   Examine them regularly Pets can express their feelings by behaving in an unusual way. However, they cannot say it directly t...Read More
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12/10/2014 18:04:14 PM, by richguinea 2511 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Guinea Pig Grooming Tips I think all guinea pig owners can agree with me on the fact that guinea pigs are easy pets to raise. It’s because of all the care information and the proper care supplies available around us today that make it easy. But please know that it’s not as simple as just feeding them and giving them water. Like with all pets, proper grooming...Read More
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11/08/2014 17:46:33 PM, by richguinea 1081 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Tips for a Healthy Guinea Pig Diet When you first pick up your guinea pig, the first thing to do is to find a good sized cage, bedding, supplies and food. Although all the physical supplies are easy because you can find reviews and recommendations everywhere, it’s a bit harder to find the right food choices for a guinea pig. That’s because there are a number...Read More
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10/28/2013 08:26:13 AM, by Peticub 1582 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips, Pet toys and treats , Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Perfect and best diet for obese dogs One of the fastest growing health problems in dogs is obesity. There are quite a few reasons for pet obesity. The most important reasons for obesity in pets are over eating and lack of physical exercise. Your pet is possibly overweight because of YOU! With that said, there are several other reasons and it includes: ·   ...Read More
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09/26/2013 01:51:15 AM, by Peticub 1603 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips View All Blogs
General healthy eating for your dog Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism, with that said good health starts with good nutrition. For a hale and healthy life, proper supplementation of nutrition along with a healthy dose of exercise is a must! However, this applies to pets as well. To your surprise, a dog's body is similar to humans in ...Read More
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08/12/2013 13:36:44 PM, by sellis 1641 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Veterinary Guide: How To Perform Puppy CPR Pets are members of the family, loved just the same. We, the human owners, are charged with guarding the lives of these precious beings. Just as you want to be able to provide the best in safety and health care for your friends and family, you should want do the same for your pets. Human CPR is a lifesaving procedure that everyone should know, h...Read More
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07/10/2013 00:52:29 AM, by evanmichel 3186 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Pet Emergency Kits: Do You Really Need One?   Have you ever heard of a pet emergency kit? Most pet owners would never think of preparing a little go-bag for their pet, which they can grab in case of an emergency. They think about their families in cases of a disaster, but they often forget the family dog.   If you are living in a part of the country where n...Read More
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06/25/2013 03:12:21 AM, by Peticub 1349 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
General health care tips for your pets Generally people love pets; they are great companions and are real sweet hearts to their owners. There are several reasons for one having a pet at home. For most of them, it is for enjoyment and companionship. For others it might be due to security and many more such reasons. Yes, when they do so much for you, the least thing you can give them b...Read More
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06/06/2013 06:43:49 AM, by GoGoDogPals 1304 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
The Importance of Exercise for your Dog In addition to providing food and water, daily exercise is need that must be met for your dog’s health and well-being. Exercise needs and energy levels are some of the most important things to research when deciding to get a pet. When caring for dogs, not only is exercise important for your dog’s physical health, the amount of...Read More
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05/21/2013 02:28:03 AM, by Peticub 2934 views, Category: Pet shopping guides, Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Do you know about pet supplements? A high quality lifestyle for your pet will symbolize longer life. In order to help the pet lead an active lifestyle it is the duty of the owner to take great care of it by providing them with nutritional supplements. Following are the things that will happen to your pet when he/she is provided with nutritional supplements: · &nb...Read More
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04/22/2013 02:38:47 AM, by Peticub 2998 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
General Safety tips for your pet   Pets are people too and as a result they should be given that care and affection like humans receive. There are many pet avid who take great care of it however the real-time care for them should be given at all times. Generally during the holidays and in the summer, winter seasons special care is a must.      &...Read More
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03/25/2013 15:39:07 PM, by tweetykkb 11886 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Pet Health Hazards Abound in Spring - Are You Prepared? Spring is just around the corner! Even though it’s exciting to finally see color in our yards, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers spring plants and fertilizers pose for pets. We’ve teamed with VPI® Pet Insurance to bring you these simple springtime safety tips. Tulips (Tulipa spp.) and hyacinth (Hyacinth...Read More
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03/22/2013 03:13:17 AM, by Peticub 3981 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips View All Blogs
Treatment option for thyroid problems in pets Pet thyroid problemsare a very common thing. Quite a few glands within the body bring into being hormones that have a range of functions, together with controlling metabolism.  One among these is the thyroid gland, which produces thyroid hormone. To sort it out,dogs only get low or hypo thyroid on the other hand, cats get high or hyper thyr...Read More
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03/20/2013 11:09:46 AM, by petlover13 3109 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Dry and Irritated Skin Treatments for Pets We've all seen pets that seem to drive themselves crazy with dry skin. Our poor dogs and cats don't know that constant scratching, clawing, and biting of their itchy skin is only making it worse. It's up you to help them get rid of dry and irritated skin. How do you do that? Well you try one these helpful tips for healthier skin and ...Read More
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02/28/2013 23:23:32 PM, by K.T.Riffic 3328 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook, Pet care, safety and insurance, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips View All Blogs
Is A Vegetarian Or Vegan Diet Safe For My Cat? Vegetarian and vegan diets are popular with humans these days. Also gaining in popularity is the belief that our pets are a part of our family. They have become valued members of our household instead of “just a pet”. So, it makes sense that families that have decided to be vegetarians or vegans would want their pets to live the same...Read More
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12/14/2012 12:55:38 PM, by petlover13 2905 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Advice on Puppies this Holiday Season As much as I disagree about giving pets as gifts during the holidays, I know it is going to happen. I only hope that everyone remembers that a new puppy is no ordinary gift; it isn't something that can be put in a closet or the attic when your attention for it runs out. Puppies are loving companions and need to be shown that same amount of u...Read More
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11/30/2012 14:27:04 PM, by petlover13 2852 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Winter Dangers to Your Dog Winter is quickly approaching and while the winter months can be lots of fun for you and your dog, there are a few precautions you should take to make sure your dog is healthy and happy all season long. Here are seven of the biggest dangers your dog will face this winter season: Cold - Don't think the cold just hurts people; it ca...Read More
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11/16/2012 07:45:54 AM, by petsitting 2932 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Select the suitable service for your dog Are you finding someone to take care of your dog while you are travelling? Dog sitting services are perfect for your wish. You know dog is definitely a man’s best friend, that’s why? Many people love to have dog in their home. It is also honest pet which provides sincerity to its owners that means it won’t allow the new pers...Read More
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10/26/2012 07:24:59 AM, by petsitting 1373 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Communication is the key with dog sitters Are you obsessed with who baby sits for your dog? And do you want to give the right instructions with the sitter covering just about all the aspects. We understand why you are frantic, and so will the dog sitters once they realize how special and important your furry friend is in your life. It is important to communicate certain key points wi...Read More
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10/20/2012 23:52:15 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1453 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
What To Do When Your Cat's Stuck In A Tree It can be a scary experience. First you can't find the cat, then you hear a meow from above. That is when you realize your cat is up a little too high in a tree. What do you do? Wait - They will come down on their own There is some debate about if cats who climb trees actually get stuck and need assistance. Most of the time, the cat wil...Read More
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