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“Pit bulls and Parolees” on Animal Planet
Friday October 30th, 10pm PST

Animal Planet is premiering a brand new show called "Pit bulls and Parolees."  This new reality show centers on Villalobos Rescue Center, a shelter outside of Los Angeles for homeless pit bulls.  The center is founded by Tia Torres, an extraordinary woman and one of the country's most renowned pit bull trainers.  The show follows Tia's controversial Underdawgz program in which non-violent ex-convicts and misunderstood dogs are given a second chance at life.

I have volunteered at Villalobos shelter and can tell you first hand that this is truly an amazing place.  At any given time, the center has about 200 pit bulls.  It is a constant struggle to fight against society's perception of these under-appreciated dogs.  Much like ex-cons who may have had a rough start in life, so too have many of these animals.   Pit bulls were once beloved family pets but dog fighting, abuse and neglect have tarnished their image and made it difficult to find homes.  Tia is on a mission to change that.

More information can be found on the Animal Planet website:






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Being the proud puppy mom of a 1 year old Rottweiler, I understand the struggle to overcome the bad reputation of the dog breed. It is true these dogs can be breed and trained to be nasty and mean, but it really is all about the training. My rottie loves people and want them all to be her friend.
This center sounds like it is doing a great thing. I hope it all the best! Thank you for sharing.

Posted by K.T.Riffic on Thursday, 10/29/2009, 20:38PM

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