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1.Puppies and new additions respond best when they learn right from the start where to go and are rewarded immediately with a treat after the deed is do

2. Housemates, family dogs, and friend’s dogs can help the new addition find the right spot by example

3. Humans can “show” the new addition where to go, by aiming at the “right spot”

4.Some dogs may need “crating” when unsupervised, where they will not pee or poop in their “den”. Taking them out after crating to their spot and rewarding them may help in tougher cases

5. Pee pads and litter boxes may help when dogs are confined inside while humans are away


All that said, I am having a heck of a time training my new 1 year old “found” bichon. He thinks that the leather ottoman and the kitchen chairs are fair game. Time to try the crate method!!

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