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I was at the pet store the other day, and I had noticed a new product called Sergeant’s SentryHC Good Behavior Adjustable Calming Pheromone Cat Collar. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a plastic- like collar with a strip of pheromones on the top.

Basically, these types of pheromones are hormones that make cats relax and become calm. These types of pheromones are great because if you have a cat that likes to mark in certain spots of your house (other than their litter box), or has other behavioral issues (like fighting with your other pets and hissing), the smell of these specialized pheromones will help eliminate problem behaviors.

Pheromones are also great to have around if you have a cat that stresses out easy in general or if you are in the process of moving. I thought this specific brand was very helpful because it was convenient being around a cats neck, it’s cheaper than most brands of pheromones that are used in a diffuser, and it comes in a cute shade of purple.

Reviewers had mixed feedback for Sergeant’s SentryHC Good Behavior Adjustable Calming Pheromone Cat Collar. Some really loved how their cats became calm, relaxed, and didn’t mark. Others were disappointed by the design, thought the plastic was too stiff, it isn’t a breakaway collar, and the material may irritate some cats. Plus, there is the fact that it doesn’t work for all cats.

Looking at reviews of other calming pheromones, its easy to see that most pheromones have some disappointed customers (as with most products on the market) because this kind of product isn’t a cure-all for all cats and the issue they may be having.

Overall, when considering the good and bad, I think pheromones are a great choice, whether is in a diffuser, collar, or in a spray. They aren’t too expensive and can save you a lot of time and energy you would otherwise be spending trying to calm your cat down.

About the author: I like many different kinds of things- traveling, eating new kinds of food, running, and I love writing as well! I work as a counselor currently, helping people with many kinds of issues. Previously, I had worked as a teacher and professor. more >>

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