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It is a day of remembrance here in America and around the world. It has now been 10 years since the attacks on the World Trade Center and others. We remember those lost and thank those who helped in the aftermath, both with two and four legs.

For those who were old enough to remember, will always remember where they were and what they were doing when the tragedy struck. In many ways, it brought the nation closer together and made us think and realize how precious life is, and how quickly it can be taken from us.

After the towers collapsed, the immediate mission was to find those who were trapped under the rubble and rescue them. This, of course, was not an easy job, but the search teams did have some help. Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs played an important role in the days following the attacks. The total number of people who were found thanks to the dogs is hard to say, but it is safe to say those who were found were very grateful.

There were 13 Search Dog Foundation teams deployed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in total. Those dogs deserve some special mention. They were able to use their training and natural abilities to get the job done when it mattered most.

Yahoo News has put together a touching slideshow of the SAR dogs in the days following the attacks. Below are just a couple of photos with a brief description. It makes you realize how big the dog’s hearts really are.

Porkchop is receiving a dehydration intravenous treatment after four days of work. His eyes seem to be saying how tired he is, yet seem to give a since of how important the work is.

Apollo and his officer Peter Davis were the first search and rescue dog team at ground zero after the attack.

Guide dog Roselle was able to lead her owner, Michael Hingson down 78 floors to safety from the World Trade Center after the attack. She doesn’t seem to think it was a big deal here.

This rescue dog shows no fear while being transported across this steel ravine to search for victims on September 15, 2001.

Foundations such as the Finding One Another and the Tails for Hope Foundation have been put together to honor the dogs who were part of the rescue efforts after 9/11 and to raise money to train and take care of search and rescue dogs and their trainers.

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