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08/29/2010 14:19:34 PM by VictoriaS   Send Message to VictoriaS  1468  views, category: Pet career and businesses view all blogs

According to my friends, I have the best job in the world, and they may be right, but would they really trade out their corner office for a day in the park? I’m not so sure. Walking dogs for a living takes a little more stamina than you may think coming into it. I was in good shape when I began this job and I had a hard time keeping up! Here are some things you need to consider before taking on the job:
1.       Your working 365 days a year, that includes holidays.
2.       Your walking 100+ pound dogs, you had better have the strength and endurance to keep up with these dogs over various terrains.
3.       Sun, rain, sleet or snow, you’re walking dogs, have appropriate clothing, you’re going to need it! Also, have good tires, windshield wipers, some kitty litter in the trunk and a well-charged cell phone, preferably a smart phone with navigation capabilities.
4.       Sometimes your slammed, sometimes your entire schedule falls apart. That’s the way it works so have somewhere to hang out and something to do on your down time.
5.       Your walking crazy dogs, owners love to say their dogs are well behaved. Don’t believe them, even if these dogs are normally well behaved, your basically a newbie to them, they will attempt to raze you.
6.       You had better bring some snacks…I go through a gallon of water, and a quarter pound of gorp a day, not to mention the three or four pieces of fruit, crackers, cookies, etc.
7.       You need to know the city you live in. I drive from one end of Denver to the other, and knowing my way around saves gas.
8.       Don’t get into it for the money. Unless you’re the business owner, this job should be about how much you love animals, not how much your monthly bills are.
9.       Your most likely an independent contractor so it’s up to you to keep track of expenses like gas, mileage, leashes, bags, treats etc.
10.   A lot of the time you walk multiple dogs of various sizes, it takes a special kind of person to avoid becoming wrapped around a tree or telephone pole when walking different personality and size dogs.
11.   You’re going to spend your day picking up dog poop. It’s not a big deal for dog owners but those of you who don’t own dogs, think about this part, because some of your dogs will take enormous poops.
The benefits far outweigh the downfalls in my opinion because you are trading in your office bustle for unconditional love all day long. Who cares how big the poop is?

About the author: I am a professional dog walker and pet sitter. more >>

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