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It is approaching the end of October and the holidays are soon approaching. Now is a good time to prepare for your parties, get togethers, and those colder winter months. So, why not look into buying cute, adorable, functional, and fun clothes for your cat? Not only will your cat be warm when they go outside, but they won't mind dressing up for the special occasions because these outfits come with the comfort of the cat in mind. So dress up your cat as Kermit-the-Frog cat, Anne of Green Gables cat, a leopard cat, etc. You name it!


The following cat costumes are made by the Janapese tailor CAT PRIN and are reasonably priced. I wish I could get something creative delicately made here for my cats!


The Kermit-the-Frog look would be great for your Halloween get- together. This fashionable find is made of felt with little eye attachments at the top and frog legs that come around the neck . I like this one because it attaches with velcro, so if your cat gets caught up in something, it can easily break away.

Did you enjoy reading Anne of Green Gables just as much as me growing up? Now you can enjoy Anne all over again with your cat by your side. If you can't see the detailing in the front, the little yellow part below the cat's chin is a yellow flower. This inspired outfit also has a piece of velcro in the front, making it easily detachable. The cloth and wig are comfortable and cozy, so your cat won't be irritated by it.

Is your cat’s bite bigger than their purr? Help them bring out their inner leopard with a leopard print hat and collar! The hat and muffler are not attached, so you can have your cat wear them individually, depending on their needs. As you can imagine, this is one of the more comfortable cloths, so it is practical to use on a day to day basis if you enjoy taking your cat out for a walk.

Do you have a serious cat that you love to pamper? The necktie collar is a classic look that will entertain you and your friends for hours on end.  Although you might think this look might be alittle unfomfortable to your cat, it can adjust to the size of their neck, as it attaches with velcro. So, it shouldn't feel too much different to them than a regular collar. Not to mention, it's cute!

Love all things girly? A pink cat collar just might do the trick! It makes the perfect accent for any grand adventure outside. Careful though, she just might start asking for diamonds to go along with it! This lovely collar is made of boa cloth, which is very soft. The inside of this collar is a soft material with a flower print on it, so you could even turn it inside out if you want. I like this collar because it is practical and fun. And if you want to have a great talking point during your get together, you can put the matching rabbit ear hat on.


These cat costumes are directly available at CAT PRIN the Japanese tailor. They are really my favorite.

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