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The Australian Mist is, as the name suggests, a breed native to the Australian continent. And unless you live in Australia, or are willing to embark on a long flight, it’s unlikely that you’ll get ahold of one. The breed remains local to its country of origin, and only a handful exist in Europe and North America. However, these unique creatures may well be worth the trip.


Originating in 1977 thanks to the efforts of Dr. Truda Straede, the Australian Mist was bred as an indoor cat. This was a noble gesture given the damage to indigenous animal species thanks to outdoor cats, and Straede made certain her new breed would become popular. Breeds used to make the Australian Mist included the Burmese, the Abyssinian, the Domestic Shorthair, and others. The breed was originally known as the Spotted Mist, but the name was soon changed to Australian to honor the cat’s nationality (and in response to the fact that not all of the cats had spots on their coats).


Straede’s attempts to create an excellent indoor cat were successful, as the Australian Mist is acclaimed by pet owners and pet breeders alike. The cat is a medium-sized, sturdy breed with an intricately patterned coat, swirls and/or spots against a a soft misty background (hence the name). They are lively and affectionate cats that acclimate well to people, but are not overbearingly energetic. Their looks and temperament make them a credit to their nation.

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