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For all you cat lovers, and yes, I must count myself into this mix, there is a website that is called "The Cat Dictionary" that you may want to check out.  You know cats, they do the nuttiest things, and sometimes there is just no word to describe exactly what they are doing!




Well, you just may find yourself surprised to find out that David Harper and Lynne Marie Stockman (owners of the site) have spent a considerable amount of time compiling a dictionary of terms about cat habits, behaviors, actions, and pranks.


Some examples from the site The Cat Dictionary:



meeyawn (n.)[from miaow + yawn]: the strange sound a cat makes when it begins to miaow but decides to yawn instead The lazy cat emitted a meeyawn.
periscope tail (n.)a tail held high in the air with the tip curved to one side; From the bed, all I saw of the cat was his periscope tail.
selective shedding (v.) to shed dark fur on light-coloured surfaces and light fur on dark-coloured surfaces   The black and white cat selectively shed his white fur all over my black trousers.
cat owner (n.) a mythical creature; When someone said that they were a cat owner, I laughed until my dentures fell into my lap.
bird-chirpies (n.) the sound a cat makes when it is singing to the birds, often accompanied by twitching lips.  The cat is making bird-chirpies at the starlings outside.
cat pie (n.) a sleeping cat curled into a perfectly round shape, with no feet sticking out and sleeping in a perfect circle
Halloween Cat Dance (n.) when a cat runs sideways on his toes, back arched and tailed puffed;  This morning my cat did the Halloween Cat Dance before I left for work
laps (n.)when a cat does full laps of the house at top speed, usually after dark; That galloping sound was the cat doing his laps.
mewr (interj.)  generally not a positive response from a cat with the exception of the questioning variant
  • Alarm: (Mewr?!) What?!
  • Disgust: (Mewr!) Blah!
  • Dismay: (Mewr) Sigh
  • Question: (Mewr?) Huh?
'Mewr?' the cat enquired hopefully at dinnertime.
Pussy-500 (n.)  when a cat runs around in circles at great speed, usually on the backs of chairs, sofas, tables, etc.  The cat did the Pussy-500 around the living room without touching the floor.
Meow  ^..^ 
There are pages and pages of more witty, cute and oh so true definitions - if you want to read more definitions, all related to the cat, check out the Cat Dictionary.

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