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As many of you probably do from time to time, I was looking through a few of my friends recent photos on Facebook. One of my friends had uploaded a picture of a morbidly obese Chihuahua- probably the largest one I’ve ever seen. While I do admit that it was a very cute dog and picture, I began to wonder what the long- term effect that obesity had on a pet’s overall health in the long run, as it is estimated about 30% of pets are obese.

Not surprisingly, the long term effects of pet obesity are similar to the effect obesity has on humans. These issues include:

-Diabetes or insulin resistance,
-Heart related failure,
-Joint problems,
-Limited long term mobility,
-Shorter-life span,
-Decreased energy,
-Difficulties breathing and sleeping,
-Increased risk for cancer,
-Increased risk for injury, and
-Lower overall quality of life.


While an overweight pet may be cute and their owner’s intentions may be good when feeding them, please keep in mind these long term health issues are very real problems for obese pets.

About the author: I like many different kinds of things- traveling, eating new kinds of food, running, and I love writing as well! I work as a counselor currently, helping people with many kinds of issues. Previously, I had worked as a teacher and professor. more >>

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