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Thinking about installing a pet door for your cat or small dog? Worried about other animals getting in? Here is a great product for small dogs and cats. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap has many modern features that ensure only your cat or small animal will be able to get in or out.




The SureFlap is a smart cat door with a modern design. It is small enough to allow in pets but not strangers, giving you peace of mind. In order to use this pet door, each pet needs to have a microchip. This flap can read the microchip number and will only unlock for that pet.



Here is how it works

The SureFlap is extremely easy to set up and use. There are no codes or numbers to enter.




Once the Cat Flap is installed and set up, it needs to be set to learn mode. The cat or small dog passes through the door, and the microchip number is read and stored permanently. Up to 32 pets can be stored. Turn learn mode off for normal operation. Other animals will not be able to get in or out.




The manual 4-way lock can be set in different combinations. For example, the vet lock setting will allow the pet to come into the house but will not let it out.




A battery is used to power the unit. It also includes a low battery indicator light to alert when the power is running low. The memory will be saved even when the battery is dead or is being changed.




Because the SureFlap reads the pet’s existing microchip, there is no need for ID tags or receivers to get caught, snagged, or lost.




A tunnel extender is also available for installation in walls. Fit multiple extenders together for even longer tunnels. An adapter is also available for preexisting, larger holes.




The manual and a template are available on the website, so no worrying about sizing or keeping the instructions after setup.




The website does not give specific measurements or weights, but the door is fairly small. Larger cats and dogs will not be able to fit.




If you are worried about other cats learning to follow your cat inside before it locks, follow the instructions in the Trouble Shooting section for Symptom: Flap does not lock quickly enough.




This is not the only microchip reading pet door on the market. In a previous article, 5 High Tech Pet Gadgets That Make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts, The Pet Porte was reviewed. While it does have some advantages including programmable mode and day/night settings, it is only available in the UK at the time of this article. The SureFlap is available in Canada, the US, Denmark, France, Germany, UK, and Switzerland, with more to come.




The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is available online for 189 CAD, or 187.37 USD. According to online reviews, the SureFlap is very easy to install and the customer service is very friendly. This product carries a two-year limited guarantee from the date of purchase for peace of mind.



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Great article!
We actually are huge believers in the Sureflap door, after having owned one and sold a bunch!
And just a quick update, the cost is now at $150.00 at the Cat Health Store -

Posted by Cats2008 on Monday, 12/12/2011, 16:34PM

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