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The holidays are over and spring is in the not too distant future.  Summer will not be far behind spring - yes this year which has just begun will be flying by in no time and vacations are already being planned across the country.

Where will you go this year? Will you be taking Fido or Kitty-Loo?  Do you wonder where you could go and take your pet with you?  What can you do when you get to your destination?  Vacations are great for the whole family including your pet if you make the right plans.

What are the top 5 vacation spots that you and your pet can enjoy?

#5  Hiking and Camping Vacations:   If you are not sure about going cross country with your pet to go hiking or camping check out your local venues and give it a trial night, day or weekend to see how it will go. 

Most all of our great United States have public use lands, state parks, national parks, city parks, etc that are pet friendly.  There are numerous camp grounds, and RV parks that also allow pets.  Go local first and see how much fun camping with your pet can be. 

If you cannot fit a campout weekend into your schedule, then just schedule a day at the park and take a picnic lunch for you and a doggie-bag lunch for your pet!

Be sure to do your homework and make sure where you want to go is pet friendly and what rules you will have to follow (i.e., leash law, roam free, proof of rabies, areas off limits to pets, etc)

#4 Driving Vacations:  Hop in the car and take off into the freedom of the open road!  Your pet would love to go along, not only for the ride, but for the fun once at the destination!  Plan your driving vacation around doggie events across the state or the country, around dog shows and exhibitions, and other dog friendly events.  Plan your stops at pet friendly hotels and you'll have it made!

Pull up a listing of dog events for your state or for any state along the route you'd like to travel and set up your travel plans for the time of your life~!  Be sure to bring all your important vet and doggie papers, tags, pet insurance paperwork if you have that, and all your doggie gear for the trip.  Don't forget your suitcase too!

If you cannot afford the time or money to take a cross country or cross state trip, just plan a driving trip to the pet store and spend an hour or two cruising up and down the pet toy and treat aisle!   Your pet will love the time spent with you out of the house.

#3  Water Based Vacations
:  Summer is  a great time to jump from the hot day into some cool water and your dog (and maybe if you have a unique one, your cat too) will more than jump at the chance to play along the shoreline, play tag with the waves coming onto the shore, and to romp and play with you at the beach or lake.

Water based vacations include time in a kayak, boat or even on a fishing boat.  There are more and more tour and fishing boats that are pet friendly so do ask and see what is available in the area you will be traveling in.  Wouldn't a day spent lazing back on a boat with your best furry friend be a great way to spend a long summer day?

Many cities today also have dog beach parks that are great fun so don't forget to check into the area you will be staying at to see what venues are pet friendly and that you will be able to enjoy.  Remember to bring along plenty of water and something for shade (an umbrella, a chair to sit under, a doggie hat, etc) for your pet - they will love the time at the water, but will need some protection and relief from the hot sun.

#2  Citi-Fied Vacations:  Time to spend some time in a big city and take advantage of all that a large metropolis has to offer!  Big cities offer plenty of pet friendly hotels, pet friendly eateries, pet salons and spas, pet day camps, pet parks, pet walking tours, pet shows and events, pet boutiques, pet meet-up activities ~ yes the big city is made for fun for you and your pet!

In the event your are in city for business as well as pleasure, you can set up pet sitters and pet walkers for your pet with the hotel you are staying at.  You may find your dog or cat will love the extra attention and new smells they will get during the day ~ don't feel bad if you have to do some work during your vacation - your pet will be having the time of their life if you pre-arrange a day camp or a day at the doggie spa for them.

#1  Pampering and Spa Vacations
:  People that vacation with dogs comprise 78 percent of all people who vacation with pets (U.S. Travel Association) so the majority of pet spas often cater to our canine buddies.  However your cat may find they are just as welcome for a bit of fluff and buff at the same doggie spas - just call and check it out beforehand so your kitty won't be disappointed.

Most larger pet friendly hotels and resorts offer special spa and pampering pet services.  They are an optional add-on expense to your room bill, but you may wish to take advantage of one or more of these services to make a wonderful memorable vacation. 

Some of the optional services may include a pet massage, bed turn down service with dog treat, special down pet beds, daily jogs and walks or playtime with special hotel personnel, doggie meet and greets with doggie drinks, grooming and manicures.  The list of special services goes on and on with the larger more exclusive resorts offering pages of options available for your pet.

Check out the city you want to travel too for pet friendly hotels and resorts and be surprised at all the choices that you will have!   It's a dogs & cats life out there these days!  MEOW and WUFF!

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