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It is that time of year once again. Yes, New Year is here. 2011 to be exact.  And what do we do when New Year's rolls around?  We make resolutions - some we keep, most we do not.  Some we wish he had kept when the next New Year comes around.  But what about your pets?  They really do not understand the whole concept of New Year's Resolutions and how to make them, so maybe we can help them make some great resolutions for 2011.   Yes, resolutions that we can help them keep.  But what resolutions would you make for your pet?  What would be a good one? 

Read on and find out what the Top Ten New Year's Resolutions For Your Pet are:

1. Get Fit and Get In Shape:  Now is a good time to make a commitment to good health.  Check what your pet's weight should be and work at getting your dog or cat into a healthy weight zone. Extra walking and playing time will help burn calories and build lean muscle mass.  You will get an added benefit of getting into shape along with your pet!  If you have an older pet or one with health issues check with your vet to be sure you will stick to activities that are best for your pet.

2. Drink Lots of Good Clean Water and Eat Good Nutritious Food:  Spend a little extra time to be sure your pet can easily meet this resolution!  A fresh supply of good clean water is a healthy choice every day of the year.  In the summer as well as in the winter, water is needs to be available on a constant basis.  Supply your pet with their nutrition needs through good nutritious pet food.  Table scraps can lead to health problems.  Most all pet food contains the needed vitamins, minerals, supplements, protein, etc, that your pet needs -- you do not have to spend big bucks on holistic and raw food if you cannot afford it -- stick to your budget and still feel good that you are providing nutritious food made for your pet's health requirements.

3. Get Regular Check Ups at the Vet:  Taking your pet to the vet at least once a year for their annual examination, shots and physical is a great resolution for your pet to keep.  Regular vet visits help keep them healthy, keeps you informed on any changes, and helps keep you on track as far as managing their weight or any health issues.  Older pets often need to see the vet twice a year for optimal tracking of their health.  Seeing your vet on a regular basis turns out to be much less expensive then waiting for a crisis or serious health issue to occur.

4. Have Your Pet's Teeth Cleaned To Keep Them Healthy and Strong:  Regular dental health is another great resolution.  You go to the dentist, they can go get their teeth cleaned and inspected.  Avoid gum disease and loss of teeth through trauma or the aging process.  You can help keep their teeth happy and your pet healthy by brushing their teeth on a regular basis as well as buying them special dental cleaning treats to help you in this important health matter.  Many and maybe most people do not brush their pets teeth - it is easier to start when your pet is young to get them used to this; it may make for some tense moments to try and brush a full grown dog or cat who has never had this done before.  Talk with your vet if you are uneasy about this or need some tips to get started.

5. Go On A Trip To Relax and Regroup:  We often need a break or vacation from work and daily stress to unwind, relax, and just re-kick the great feelings into high gear.  Your pet would love this resolution to come true for them!  If you cannot take them on a real away from home vacation, taking them to the park, taking them for a ride in the car, taking them with you to the pet store is often a vacation that helps your pet enjoy life to the fullest and to de-stress as well.  They may just enjoy home life more when they get a chance to get away for an hour or two.

6. Practice Relaxation Time:  I enjoy a short relaxation time at the end of a work day, and your pets can enjoy this too.  Turn off the TV or loud stereo.  Get rid of distractions.  Relaxation may mean just sitting on a park bench watching the world go by. Do what feels good and makes you feel relaxed.  Spend some time laying with your pet, hands on furry friend and just enjoy the time doing nothing.  Maybe some slow petting or stroking of their fur will not only help them, but help you as well to relax.  And if you fall asleep your pet won't mind!

7. Brush Your Pet's Coat For Lustrous Hair And Good Skin Integrity:  You remember the old saying about brushing your hair 100 strokes a night for a healthy scalp and hair?  Well, the same can apply for your pet as well.  You may need to get them used to this pampering experience, and soon enough they'll be begging for their hair brushing!  Use a special pet brush made for your pet for comfort and best success.  Brushing your pet's coat is also a great time to be observant for any skin issues or painful areas that may need to be checked out further.  This is a pet resolution that they will not fight you to do, and it's a great bonding time for both of you.

8. Get Plenty of Regular Play Time:  This is an easy one and fun to do too.  Play in the house or outside, your pet will just love the time spent with you.  Tossing a ball across the room, or hiding treats for them to find, or even setting up play activity centers gives them a new outlook on their regular day, and gives you time to spend with your pet.  Play time is also exercise time and this can help with the resolution of getting fit and in shape.  It also helps with relaxation and fun time too!

9. Give And Get Hugs and Kisses: A well loved pet is one that does receive special attention, love and maybe even kisses!  Even if you are not one to kiss your pet, a pat on the head, a hug, a few moments of stroking give your pet a special loved feeling inside.  Loved pets are happier and live longer.  It is kind of like being in a great loving relationship with another person - you are healthier, live longer, and are just happier overall -- the same is true for your pet.  Give them love and get more than you give back!

10. Stay Young At Heart:  Play, Have Fun, Love, Be Loved, Enjoy Life, Eat Well, Drink To Quench Your Thirst, And Just Thoroughly Enjoy 2011 working on all your pet resolutions!

Happy New Year!  Happy 2011!!

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