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So what if you don't have a Valentine to spend this upcoming holiday with.  If you have a pet, you've got the best companion already!  Dogs aren't called man's best friend for no reason.  So this Valentine's Day, be sure to appreciate the friendship of your furry friends.



Your pet loves you unconditionally and it shows.  You come home a little late from work and he's still right there at the door wagging his tail and ready to give you some big sloppy kisses. 



What could be better than coming home and having someone to snuggle with every night?  With your pet, you've got the best snuggle buddy already.  He's warm and loves to sleep close to you and feels just like a big blanket.



When you've had a long day at work, it's nice to come home and know that someone will listen to what you want.  You say sit, he says for how long?  All your pet wants to do is please you and obedience is one of his greatest means of making you happy.



It's nice to feel wanted and your pet is definitely possessive and protective of you.  He might even get jealous if he can just smell another pet on your jacket.  He would protect you from all dangers, but also wants to keep you for himself!



Even if you are just sharing table scraps, your pet is thankful for everything you do.  All the treats and attention you share with your pet go a long way for making him a happy companion for you. 



You want your Valentine to be someone you can have fun with, and you know your pet is always ready for fun.  So break out those heart shaped toys and enjoy getting to be goofy!



Your pet loves getting attention from you, so take a seat on the couch and tell your pet about your day.  You'll have someone's undivided attention and he won't talk back. 



You don't need a date to take a long walk on the beach.  Take your dog to a local dog beach for a relaxing walk at sunset.  you'll enjoy the views and he'll enjoy running around in the sand.



So maybe he can't give you a massage, but petting your cat or dog actually has benefits for you!  Petting your dog or cat relaxes you and gives you a stronger bond with your pet.



Your pet loves junk food just as much as you probably, so break out the dog biscuits and ice cream and celebrate Valentine's Day together. 

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