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When you’re moving or visiting overseas with your pet, it can be a stressful situation. When you hear so many horror stories about pets that have flown under the plane, it makes you wonder what the best transportation method is.

Pet Relocation is a worldwide door-to-door pet transportation service, which focuses on safe and compassionate pet shipping. The last thing you want is to traumatize your animal when you’re moving internationally, so why not ensure that your pet will get a safe and secure trip over? At least with this service, your pet will be transported in a climate controlled and pet friend flight. Plus, if your pet has to wait for its next flight, there are airport pet hotels that will give your animal food and water as well as a walk and cage cleaning before his/her next flight!

Flying is not as easy as it used to be, because you have to make sure you’re abiding by the strict rules and regulations, so why not setup your pet with a pet friendly airline so you have one less thing to worry about?

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thanks for your posting and please find some videos that we have produced which may help when travelling your pet overseas

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, 09/30/2009, 07:09AM

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