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You may be a dog lover, and you wish to have a dog or two as your pet. But, don’t be under the misunderstanding that dogs are easy to raise and nurture. You may keep an adorable Golden Retriever or a beautiful Afghan Hound, but don’t assume that the needs of all are the same. Just as each kid is different and has their own tastes and problems, each breed of dog is different too.  A dog is an animal that is as finicky about its eating habits as a human.  Make sure you are well-versed with the needs of the dog you are rearing so that you do not end up disappointing your pet.

We don’t keep pets for the heck of it.  Pets like dogs, cats, or parrots enrich our lives.  Dogs are our loyal friends.  Cats let us fulfil our nurturing needs. Parrots can act as a sounding board for our problems.  The mere sight of our pet is enough to please our senses and make us happy. Each different breed of dog has natives of different sizes, shapes, and slightly differing body requirements.  

Dogs are canines. Canines are animals who possess sharp teeth that can bite through animal meat. They have evolved to eat meat.  Grasses and shrubs are not for them.   However, this is not true in absolute sense.  A ratio of 75:25 of meat: veggies may prove good for your canines.  However, this is not always kept in mind while formulating dog food.  There is no one dog food for all types of breeds. And most dog owners care enough for their dog to feed them with the food they love. Chicken, lamb, and fish are the foods your dogs will keep drooling for and will keep on licking endlessly. Dogs are very fond of these foods.

Breed-specific dog food is fast becoming popular with dog owners.   Choosing quality food for your dog is, however, a challenge. Many masters aren’t aware of what their dog would like and what brand to choose.  While it is not a sin to feed your dog with general dog food, it matters a lot if your dog has specific health problems that are more pronounced in his breed of dogs.  For example, Yorkies often suffer from Luxating patella and intervertebral disc disease. German Shepherds are more prone to elbow, hip dysplasia, and bloating.

Not all dog foods use ingredients of high quality.  A low-grade food spoils your dog’s health even more.  Eukanuba is a tried and trusted brand and a favourite with dog owners.  This brand has a wide range of foods for different breeds of cats and dogs.  Pet owners won’t have to worry about their dog getting depressed or their cat whimper out of poor health.  Whether you own a Jack Russel or a Boxer, with the right food brand, you can keep your pets healthy and jumping with joy.

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