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You're probably already planning on buying that special someone in your life one of the classic Valentine's Day gifts like flowers and candy.  But don't forget about your pet.  Just because he might not appreciate the flowers and candy doesn't mean you can't find great gifts for your cat or dog this Valentine's Day.

1. Instead of chocolates, try dog treats!


Show your dog you care this Valentine's Day and try making your own treats at home for him.  Use ingredients like flour, peanut butter and fruits.  Just be sure to avoid using foods that can be dangerous to dogs like chocolate, grapes, and onions.  Use heart shaped cookie cutters to make fun shapes.  Search online to find lots of great recipes and have fun.

2. Instead of jewelry, try a new collar!


Dog and cat collars come in all shapes and sizes, so why not celebrate the season with a Valentine's collar?  Go for the pink, red or heart covered ones.  All the other pets will be jealous.

3. Instead of a day of pampering at the spa, try pampering your pet at home!


Try some quick drying nail polish for that perfect mani/pedi.  Try a soothing oatmeal bath to soothe your pet's itchy skin.  Or take him to the groomer for a fancy new haircut.

4. Instead of a weekend getaway for two, try a weekend getaway for three!


Take your pet somewhere fun with you and your significant other.  There are some great dog beaches in California to try out with your pet.  Try the mountains and parks of Virginia for some outdoorsy fun.  And many hotels are dog friendly.  Just search online or call and ask about their policies.

5. Instead of a mix tape, try a homemade video!


We all feel a little guilty when we have to go to work and leave our pets at home for the day, so why not make a video to show that you still care?  Dogs and cats enjoy watching tv sometimes too, so leave a video on for them while you're gone.  Some companies have premade videos of images that they like: other dogs running and barking or birds flying around on screen.  Put together a mix of some homemade videos of you at the dog park for a personal touch.

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