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The holidays are over, new years is behind us, and the long month of January moves on.  It's time to start planning a party, and what better party to plan than a Valentine's Day Pet Party! Wuff Wuff and Meow!

A Valentine's Day Pet Party you say!  Sounds interesting. And it's easy to plan and great fun to give and attend.  Your pets and your friends pets will enjoy a day of play time and goodies and it can be great fun to plan and will even fit into a budget! Yes, I think this is a great idea, and the time to start planning is now.  Valentine's Day is only a couple weeks away -- so get busy with the plans (ideas follow) and get your invitations bought or made and sent out.  Everyone will be in the mood for a  party after weeks of winter - Ready to plan a Valentine's Pet Party?  Let's go!

Make (or buy) your invitations
.  Invitations can be as simple as a dog collar length of colorful pink or red construction paper, or go with a nice red heart.  You can buy stock card paper at your local arts and crafts store for a more solid and sturdy invitation.  Include Valentine's Day Pet Party, Your pet's name, time/day of party, and added directions like wear hearts, wear red, bring an edible valentine to share with humans and pets - you will have your invitation set and ready to go in no time at all.  Making is much more fun, inexpensive and can be made with little creativity.

are an easy fix for Valentine's Day.  Hit the Dollar Store, get our your red and pink construction paper;  Get/Make paper hearts, red/pink/white streamers, cupid's, tissue paper heart centerpieces, Happy Valentine's Day banners, red or pink paper dinner ware, red cups, white paper doilies with red paper underneath -- you have the idea! 

are also plentiful around Valentine's Day. There are heart cookies all over the place!  Get human goodies at the grocery store or everybody can help make and decorate the cookies once they get there.  You will have to be more careful with the pet treats -- buy some Valentine's Day cookies (in bows, hearts, doggy bone shapes) at the pet store, or get busy beforehand and whip up some pet friendly cookies, decorated / food colored in festive reds and pinks.

Play time is all you need to give your pets and friend's pet when they come over;  Make extra room for running and playing;  Toss out some special Valentine's Day pet toys, red dollar store towels for a few games of tug-of-war, and a picnic blanket or two on the floor.  Encourage owners to play with the pets inbetween sitting and chatting time.  If everybody takes a short turn playing and supervising the pets, then a great time will be had by all!

That's really all it takes to plan a Valentine's Day Pet Party.  The excuse is to get together for some fun and playtime, the theme is of course Valentine's Day, and the decorations for this day abound everywhere and are as easy to make as to buy.  What better excuse to plan a party!  So get planning some fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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