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My dogs are on a raw diet.  Why???  Large commercial dog food corporations are destroying the health of our dogs.  Raw is biologically appropriate for dogs.

What ingredients are in our dog’s food?  Do you know what you are feeding your pets?  What are our dogs eating?  Check out the ingredient labels on your dog’s food.  Do you really know what each ingredient is?  The picture on the label and in the advertisements give us the impression that the food is fresh and wholesome.  This article will serve as a guide so that you can better understand what is in processed commercial dog food. Kibble, most wet dog food, and many other commercial food products for dogs pose problems.

ANIMAL FAT:  This is the derived from a process called “rendering.”  The rendering process is a heating process performed at a rendering plant.  Euthanized and slaughtered animals (including diseased dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, and other pets), road-kill, and even circus animals are required to have a special manner of disposal.  They cannot simply be discarded into trash cans so they are gathered and sent to rendering plants.  This is where the bodies are processed.  At the rendering plants, the liquid ingredients that are typically used in commercial dog food are prepared using a special process.  Basically, the bodies are boiled causing the fat to rise to the top.  That fat product is called tallow and is named as “animal fat” on the food labels.  BHA and BHT are preservatives used for animal fat.

MEAL:  When we see the word “meal” in the ingredient list, it refers to the tissue of the animal including pulverized or burned ash skeletal material produced at rendering plants.  This does not include hoof, blood, horn, hide or blood.

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