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01/21/2012 18:46:02 PM by K.T.Riffic   Send Message to K.T.Riffic  8003  views, category: Pet training and behavior, Pet technology and gadgets view all blogs

Dogs sure love their food. It seems some do more than others. But why do some dogs eat so fast while others do not?

There are actually many possible reasons for this behavior:
* In multiple dog houses, competition for food may lead to at least one dog eating as fast as possible. He or she is afraid of not getting enough food.

* Dominance is another important cause of fast eating. Your dog may fear that you or a member of your household may take away the food bowl at any moment and try to eat all of the food before that happens. This might also have been a necessary behavior learned from a kennel or shelter before you adopted him or her.

* Some dogs are just naturally fast eaters just as some humans eat faster than others.

Why this behavior is bad
Dogs who eat fast can end up with some major medical problems including chocking, obesity, vomiting, and canine bloat.

Canine bloat is a serious and sometimes fatal intestinal condition that can occur when a dog eats or drinks too much too fast. The stomach becomes distended and twisted. Symptoms include abdominal distention, excessive salivation, dry heaving, restlessness, and increased heart rate.

This condition is much more common in large barrel- chested breeds. To prevent canine bloat, slow down your dog’s eating and keep him or her as inactive as possible right after eating.

Products to slow down eating
The good news is that there are simple and inexpensive products that can help slow down your dog’s eating. These products can be broken down into two categories, bowls and bowl accessories.

Here are a few bowls that can help your dog eat slower. They all have some sort of obstacle that make it more difficult for your dog to eat. Each bowl has its own obstacles and they look a little different, but the concept is the same. The idea is that if your dog has to move around the bowl and avoid the obstacles, it will force him or her to slow down.

The second category includes a few different bowl accessories that work in a very similar way as the obstacles that are built into the bowls above. Take a look at the bowl accessories above. Some are heavy balls that have to be pushed around by your dog to get to the food.

Others are more like rocks. In fact, rocks can work just as well and cost nothing. The down side to rocks is that they can scratch plastic bowls and they are difficult to keep clean. Most of the store bought accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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The Products are really good. Even my Dog eats his food really fast and this would definitel help me. I give him Eukanuba Breed specific food, and he just gbbles it within minutes....

Posted by Admin on Thursday, 11/22/2012, 05:03AM

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