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Group Category: Adoption & Rescue
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Type: Public (?)
Founder: sandralollino
Founded: April 22, 2009
Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Members: 6
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Four Legged Friends Foundation (FLuFF) is a non-profit organization, founded in June 2005 by Sandra Lollino to increase awareness of the physical and emotional contributions animals make in our lives through the human-animal bond. The Foundation also strives to identify and implement programs currently missing in the animal-welfare sector of the nonprofit arena. In doing so, FluFF is able to support animals and people through education, promotion and funding. Our Programs and Events have been created and are in development because through our involvement in the community, we listen and learn how we can fulfill needs that arise. Another Sunny Day Fund began in memory of Sunny whose owner was unable to provide vet care due to financial hardship. After hearing stories of illegitimate animal-welfare nonprofits taking advantage of donor funds and poorly treating animals, the Give Me a Paw rating program was created. Through Part of the Pack, we directly support local animal-welfare organizations. Freedom & Ease was brought to us after a conversation Founder Sandra Lollino had with a hearing-disabled woman about the challenges the disabled have with their assistance animals. In 2008, Four Legged Friends Foundation created Dancing with the Dogs to showcase the joy a dog (or any animal) can bring to a family. Handlers perform routines with their dog to music created to best fit their dog’s personality. It is a fun competition with celebrity judges held at animal adoption events in hopes to draw more potential adopters. It is also our intention to bring Dancing with the Dogs to nursing homes, hospitals and schools to bring joy to those that need it and to provide education and awareness of pet over population. Four Legged Friends Foundation needs your support to help make a difference in the community for animals and people. Please Donate Now. By giving today, your gift will be used to assist so many more animals that have no voice and the people that benefit from them. Thank you! Visit for more information.