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Page views is an important indicator of how much traffic you get from the Internet. Here are some tips that help you increase your page views on your pages:
1. Promote Your Posts On The Internet
The easiest way is to use the Add button on every blog page on Yeepet to share your posts. The button is located right below the blog title.
In addition, in order to get higher traffic to your posts, we suggest you share your posts on the following websites separately:
  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Yahoo Groups
  • Craigslist
  • Digg
  • Other top sites

Ask or answer questions in Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo! , forums or blogs while providing the link back to your posts. Remember, don't be a spamer when you do this.
If you are currently writing on another website, you want to post your Yeepet posts on the other website to increase the traffic to your posts on
2. Write Quality Content
Write new, good, unique content on Others will find you and link to you to use your good content. 
3. Add Keywords in The Blog Title and Body
Please make sure the titles and bodies of your blogs are search engine friendly, meaning that you need to incorporate search engine friendly keywords into the post title and the actual post so that search engines will be most likely to index your pages quickly. When users type in some keywords in the search engines, your post that has the keywords in the title or body will show up in the search results. This way you will get a better chance to generate more ad impressions and potentially more clicks on your pages.
4. Other Ways to Promote Your Posts
Submit your blogs to,,,, etc. Good articles will get you more external links highly qualified traffic. 
If you are active on Yahoo Groups or other groups on other sites such as, you may add your posts there if possible when you discuss with your group members.
In general, try to increase the exposure of your posts on the Internet. You will be on the way to getting a lot more traction onto your Yeepet posts.