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Category: Dog, Breed: Mixed Breed
Parkersburg, WV 26102, United States
13 years old
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Weight: 41 pounds
Nickname: Jada Bug
Profile views: 1030 

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter

Favorite Spot: On my lap

Favorite Activity: going on walks

Pet Bio: Jada has been part of my family for 10 years. She was my first fur baby and then she became the best friend of Lance once he was born. Jada has dried my tears, comforted me while I was carrying Lance, and is a integral part of our family. She is a wonderful dog with lots of energy, but she doesn't seem to know her own limits.

As she's getting older, Jada has started to suffer from some back problems. We have treated the best we can, but last night she took a turn for the worse as we discovered that she has a bulging disc.

The vet informed us that if she doesn't have surgery for the bulging disc today, then she will be permanently paralyzed. Our other option is to put her to sleep, but that is such a heartbreaking choice considering the fact that she is a healthy and happy dog otherwise.

Any donations to this campaign will go to the surgery for Jada. The estimate from Columbus (the nearest available place) was $4000-$6400 depending on the extent of her injuries. This is incredibly short notice, but we are hoping to cover a portion of her surgery if possible as we do not have the means to do it ourselves.

We are asking for the support of our family and friends in this difficult time, and you cannot imagine how much your help means to us. Please help us save our girl and our son's best friend.

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