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Category: Bird, Breed: Parrots
WA United States
11 years old
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Favorite Food: millet branches (treat)

Favorite Spot: Next to Poopers (kept in separate cages)

Favorite Activity: playing a sort of peek-a-boo with us, watching and talking to Poopers, eating millet sprays

Pet Bio: Laura is also an owner surrender. I wasn't looking to get another bird at the time, let alone a young one, but she was a special case. Her old owner said they didn't have the money or time to care for her and that sometimes Laura would go days without food because they couldn't afford it. The family had gotten a new puppy and cat that in addition to their children became time consuming. She was being housed with birds of other species. I just couldn't say no.

I used to hear Laura shrieking somewhere in the neighborhood. Now she has Poopers as a neighbor and she seems so happy to have another cockatiel companion. We have not heard her screech in this home.

More Pet Info: Laura is still not completely comfortable with us outside of the cage and doesn't like us to reach into her cage. I'm not sure how much she has been handled in her old home. But we will continue to work to gain her complete trust while respecting her personal limits.

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