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Category: Cat, Breed: Himalayan
Chandler, AZ 85246, United States
9 years old
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Yeepet Pet Profile Votes: 6
Weight: 6 pounds
Nickname: Luna The Fashion Kitty
Profile views: 10991 
Pet Personality
 Sleepy  Very Active
not Vocal Very Vocal
not Intelligent Very Intelligent
not Playful Very Playful
not Curious Very Curious

Favorite Food: Royal Canine

Favorite Spot: Near my momma ALWAYS

Favorite Activity: Shopping!

Pet Bio: I am Luna and I love FASHION! I wear clothes every day fur go to work and of course I dress fur impress at all times. I am not only a fashion advisor, I am a cyber therapist because no-one can stay stress or moody after look at me. I born on March 14, 2009 and my furrst touch with Fashion was when I was only 3 months old, since then have been a truly love affair! Is so hard furr me to be a Fashionista in this world that think that only Dogs are into fashion, I need to change that ASAP. Fur me is not enough to be this gorgeous is very impurrtant to be smart! Girl is nothing hot on being dumb! I do enjoy a lot learning, I train every day and I can do a bunch of tricks, when I meet new people I like to do the hi 5 trick because is not too much work and they get impress anyways lol I am very excited to hear about you and nice to meow you! xoxo Luna

More Pet Info: website Fan page Column in catster "Dress fur impress" Youtube

Special Skills: I do all kind of tricks, shake hands, hi 5, roll over, sit, stand in 2 paws, turn around, play dead, etc.

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